George Floyd Commentary

Special Commentary Regarding Justice for ALL in America

It is sad to see once again a black life lost (George Floyd) at the hands of police.  It is uplifting to see our country united in pain for said loss and in opposition to racism. While it it easy to place blame and perhaps convenient to to single out all policemen, it is important that we all learn to use the word some so as to not generalize and in doing so dismiss the good men and and women who carry out their police work with distinction and without prejudice.

While I believe that I have made an genuine effort to be more self-aware, to practice thoughtful inclusion and avoid stereotypes in my life, I can’t help but wonder if there is more I can do to help heal the divide and end racial injustice in our society?

To this end, I welcome the opportunity and invite you to to seek alongside me greater dialogue, friendships and everyday camaraderie with people different from us.  Let us break bread together and begin to see each other as true brothers and sisters who discover the similarities between us and care and look after each other with love in our hearts, humility and overall goodness.

Peace be with you and may the good Lord bless and favor our nation with peace, justice and equality for all.