Someone Shot on the Pedestrian/Bike Path

Someone Shot on the Pedestrian/Bike Path Minutes Ago [UPDATE]
KTLA[CHANNEL-5] News reports that two males were shot and are hospitalized in serious condition. The incident is said to have involved a family of four (4) riding the pedestrian/bike path minding its own who became entangled in some dispute with what is described as two males suspects (still at large).  

The above images show deployed helicopter and emergency responders at approximately 9:04 PM. Someone was shot on the pedestrian/bike path at or near Oros St./Barclay St. just prior to the Riverside Dr./Figueroa Bridge. I witnessed the likely victim emerging from the path on a stretcher and taken away by ambulance. The “suspects is said to have been seen last on a bike, wearing all black”.
Please use extreme caution while on the EV pedestrian/bike path and natural common sense. DO NOT VENTURE ON TO THIS SPACE TOO EARLY OR TOO LATE and when on the path try doing so in the company of others.
If you have any information that can assist police, please contact our Senior Lead Office (Gina Chovan). Please be on the look out for any suspicious activity and do not hesitate to call 911.


Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan

LAPD Northeast

3353 San Fernando Rd

Los Angeles, CA 90065


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  1. It would be interesting to know what the dispute was about. A lot of information is missing. This is not a safe area.

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