May 14, Vote for Your Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council

>>Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council Elections<<
WHEN: Saturday, May 14 from 10am2pm
WHERE: Elysian Valley Rec Center, 1811 Ripple St., Los Angeles, CA 90039
HOW: Self-affirm at polling place in person to vote or register as a candidate HERE
WHO: All stakeholders (resident who owns or rents a home in Elysian Valley, someone who works at or owns a business in Elysian Valley, someone who owns real property in Elysian Valley or someone who is a community interest stakeholder based upon substantial and ongoing participation in a community organization within Elysian Valley such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit and/or religious organizations)

Special Commentary:

I David De La Torre am one of several original founders of the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council-an accomplishment that at the time (year 2002) seemed nearly impossible given the size of our community (population +-7000).  Most if not all other City neighborhood Councils are serving population groups of 20,000 plus.

Noticeable signature accomplishments of the Neighborhood Council board that I served with were the successful advocacy for the Marsh St. Skate Park with the Santa Monica Mountains Concervancy (now MRCA), Street Lights improvement projects, Safety on the pedestrian/bike path, side walk repairs and funding community impacting projects in partnership with then Councilmember Eric Garcetti , City Hall, and area organizations.

Other Elysian Valley Council boards have followed with their own tangible area serving accomplishments.  Funding the Dorris Place Elementary School music program, the Mash Street Skate Park supervision, the pedestrian/bike path signage and changing the Q-Conditions to restrict oversize development are but a few that come to mind.

Sadly, the current board as composed has in a relative short-time accomplished division, ruptured communication and working partnerships with City Hall, Councilmember Mitch O”Farrell’s office and multiple area organizations (including the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch).

The EVRNC it its present form is hostile to anyone (board members included) who do not share in their ideology.  So hostile is this environment that private security is visible at the monthly meetings, verbal attacks are common, character assassination is the norm and fear is fueled in community stakeholders through misrepresentation of facts.

The above described conditions have made difficult neighborhood participation in City governance and decision making processes, facilitating the delivery of City services, ensuring equal opportunity of all voices and the fostering sense of community for all people to express ideas and opinions about their neighborhoods and their government and to be inclusive and non-discriminatory-the very purpose of neighborhood councils.

In view of the above, and with hope for a return to civil and productive representation of all Elysian Valley stakeholders, I urge you to vote with me in supporting the following candidates this coming Saturday.

Gary Rogokos

Luis-Andres Rosales

Carrie Sutkin

Elsa Palomino

Denise Herrera

Diana Virgen

Brian King

Leticia Saldana

Andrew Wang

Martha Cecilia

Frank Mendoza

Becky Lee

Kevin Recinos