Marsh St. Skate Park

2016 marsh street skate
Ms. Alina Bokde, of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust announced at this week’s NW meeting that effective July 1st the Marsh St. Skate Park will no longer be supervised, as has been the case for the Past 9 years.  This is due to insufficient funds to cover annual employee salaries.  While they will remains as caretakers, a community member will open and close the park during regular scheduled hours.  We have requested that CD13/MRCA/LAPD and LA Land Trust work closely to maintained safety at this location.  We too invite the entire EV community to maintain a watchful presence.

The Marsh Street Skate Park is a treasure and resource of immeasurable value serving our youth in Elysian Valley.  We thank The LA Land Trust for the safety and security of the space during their watch.  Special thanks to Joel Jimenez for his wonderful supervision over the years.  

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