Elysian Valley street light project

2016 street lighting

This past Wednesday, Field Deputy Hector Vega confirmed at the EVNW meeting that Councilmember O’Farrell has been successful in securing Development Block Grants (CDGB) funding to proceed with the next phase of the Elysian Valley street light project.

“Approximately half of the required funding for this project has been approved by the City Council for the upcoming fiscal year.  I have reached out to the Bureau of Street Lighting in order to get details about the project and will let the community know when the work is scheduled to begin.  As with the previous phases of this street lighting project, grant funds will pay for the [lights] and construction costs, while the maintenance will be assessed to the property owners.”

With half the funding secured and approximately 12 street blocks still without lights in EV, Phase IV will cover approximately 6 streets-starting with Shoredale St.  It is important for neighbors in this improvement phase to begin discussing between them the majority vote requirement to accept the project and assess themselves the maintenance surtax, which is estimate at $80-$100 per year-payable with your year end property taxes.   Note that a failure to secure a majority approval will keep the project from moving forward.

The Neighborhood Watch has been a relentless champion for these lights and we thank the many area stakeholders who have kept this important improvement project in our attention.  Special thanks to Councilmember O’Farrell for keeping this issue a priority  and bringing to EV the necessary funding.

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  1. Why should the maintenance surtax be paid by the property owners, when we already pay property taxes. The city should maintain the lights with the property taxes already being paid.

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