Elysian Valley Neighbor of the Month – November

We are delighted to introduce you to Eduardo and Margarita Mora as part of our “Neighbor of the Month” series-an effort started in 2013 to highlight Elysian Valley residents and stakeholders. It is our sincere hope that doing so contributes in some fashion to better know one another, build, grow and appreciate the make-up of our community.  The NW thanks the Mora’s for his contribution to EV.


Meet Eduardo and Margarita Mora.  They are Meadowvale St. Residents since 1957.  Eduardo came to live with his uncle in Elysian Valley when he was 15 years young.  He has been in Elysian Valley since.  “The LA River flows with my tears” says Eduardo, recalling his trips alongside where nostalgia for his parents and siblings back in Jalisco Mexico overcame him with regularity.

Eduardo and Margarita met at a friend’s wedding, dated for three months, married soon after and raised a family in Elysian Valley-a place they are happy to call home.

The Mora’s have been happily married for 52 years and credit their Catholic faith as the glue that holds their family together.  They are the proud parents of three children and proud grandparents of seven grandkids.  All attended the local schools (Dorris Pl Elementary, Irving Middle School and John Marshall High).

When ask what they like most about Elysian Valley, “It’s the quiet, peaceful neighborhood.”  They too express being happy with the area improvements seen of late.  Mr. Mora recalls the 64 bus line that served Elysian Valley in the late 60’s.  It was refered to as “La Caguama” which translates to a loggerhead sea turtle.  It was given this nickname because it traveled extremely slow.   This route is described as a modern day DASH service that encircled the neighborhood.

Mr. Mora joined the U.S. Army in 1960 and describes his experience as “beautiful”.  He enjoyed seeing the wolrd with stops in France, Germany and Spain. He witnessed the erection of the Berlin Wall and never thought he would witness its Fall.

Their house has been in the family for multi-generations and they hope it remains in the family long after they are gone.

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  1. I grew up in the same neighborhood lived on Shoredale the next block over. so many wonderful memories

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