Q Conditions update has been scheduled for the PLUM Committee of the City Council for (Today) Tuesday 10/27, 2:30 p.m.

Hi Elysian Valley,

The Q Conditions update has been scheduled for the PLUM Committee of the City Council for this Tuesday, 2:30 p.m.   The agenda is attached.
Please attend if you can and spread the word to your neighbors!  We want to make sure Elysian Valley’s voice is heard on this topic.
Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

TITLE: Planning and Land Use Management Committee Meeting
        DATE: 10/27/2015
        TIME: 02:30 PM
To view the document online please visit: http://ens.lacity.org/clk/committeeagend/clkcommitteeagend2699405_10272015.html



CD 13


Negative Declaration and related California Environmental Quality Act findings, report from the Los Angeles City Planning Commission (LACPC), and Ordinance to effect a Zone Change from M2 to [Q]CM, Height District Change from 1VL to 1XL, Code Amendment to update [Q] Qualified Conditions established for properties within Subarea 33A established by Ordinance 176825, Q Conditions established for properties within portions of Subarea 33B and all of Subarea C in Ordinance 180154 and to establish a new set of Q Conditions for selected Los Angeles River adjacent parcels with a designated General Plan Land Use of Commercial Manufacturing that put in place additional development standards and restrictions for new residential and commercial uses, in addition to a decrease of the Height District, for parcels and portions thereof located between Blake Avenue and the Los Angeles River, north of Altman Street and south of Marsh Street; parcels north and south along Allesandro Street east of Crystal Street; parcels located between Blimp Street and Gail Street; parcels located at the eastern termination of Ripple Place; and parcels located at the terminus of Glover Place, between the Los Angeles River and Crystal Street.