IRS Phone Scam [ALERT]

2015-07-phone scam

An Elysian Valley neighbor report receiving a message on her home phone this morning said to be from the IRS.  It made mention of lawsuit filed against her and requested she contact the regional office at 347-321-4747.  This is clearly a scam as confirmed by the below communication from the Bayton Beach Police Dept. Don’t fall victim to this money fishing effort from criminals and warn your family, friends and neighbors. Click the following link to read the full story…


“THIS IS A SCAM. The IRS is not going to call you and leave you a ‘heads up, we’re suing you’ voicemail. If you get a call or voicemail like this, ignore it,” police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater wrote on the department’s Facebook page.

2015-07- phone scam2

About the phone calls people have been getting recently where the other person on the phone claims to be from the IRS and demands money.
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Well, if you haven’t, a Boynton Beach police employee received one of those calls and the department taped it so now you can hear it.
In this case, the caller claimed the IRS was filing a lawsuit against the employee. The phone number was 509-588-7382.