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We just printed our first copies of the Elysian Valley Knowledge Hub brochures focused on housing rights and financial resources! We secured support from the Neighborhood Council of $609 to contribute towards the overall printing cost of $2050; LA-Más donated the remainder of the cost. The copies were just delivered, see below for a preview!

In case you didn’t get a close up look, you can view the complete brochure and download for free in English and Spanish. Please see attached for a PDF version that can be printed on the average printer.

Given your leadership in the community, we would like to provide 100 copies in English and 100 copies in Spanish for you to distribute. Let me know if that works for you.

Also, please share the contents of the brochure on the NW website. Thanks!!!



Helen Leung
Co-Executive Director
helen@mas.la | 323.244.3630 | http://www.mas.la

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  1. Let need to remember that these developments may have been approved by our now mayor Garcetti. Hands Off!! No new development!!

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