Shrinking Megacity : Frogtown is part of a bigger phenomenon.

Comment on EVNW Facebook Page:

“Susanna Schick – Listening to everyone last night, all I could think was how this is just the effects of overpopulation. It’s not just Frogtown, it’s everywhere, especially cities. People want to live in cities again. As I said last night, 30′ is fine, we need more apartments in the city, but not more than 30′ worth in a public transportation dead zone. The current residents of Frogtown who don’t want any change at all are no better than the people mentioned in this article. The numbers in this article are sobering.

It’s not that EV is “being dumped on” as one person said. It’s that LA is a place where everyone wants to live, and the city has let too many NIMBY’s push it around and keep housing unaffordable. I remember when rent here was so cheap it was easy to find a good place, when buildings would compete for new tenants. Not anymore. We’re pushing maximum capacity and while we especially need to build more along metro lines, we need to build more everywhere.”



  1. EV is being “dumped on”. The person that said that is correct. This is a very small area that should NOT get developed!!

  2. The “no development ever no matter what” crowd is extremely selfish. In effect what they are saying is that their cheap rent is more important than everyone else who needs a place to live. They are also saying that they are willing to hold the neighborhood hostage in a state of limbo where illegal dumping, graffiti and blight is the norm, again to preserve their cheap rent which is the most important thing in the world. Then they cover that with a masquerade of “social justice warrior”.

  3. Really Susanna!!!
    You know for a fact more development doesn’t mean affordable housing. It’s money hungry developers just looking and seething for more money. You gentrifiers and developers just can’t, and don’t want to leave small minority populations alone. You want to rip and shred the little communities apart for the overpriced condos and apartments.
    Who would be able to afford to live there? “Oh yeah maybe some low income familes who fill the 10% quota for the alloted amount of low income housing forced upon the developers.
    Don’t think youre fooling anyone here! Go start you developing in Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, or San Marino. Isn’t gonna happen is it?
    As for you Neighbor, cheap rent is important. Push out the poor for the rich!!!!!!!!!
    We were here first. “Masquerade of social Justice Warrior”. No its called standing up for the people, and families you have lived with for over 40 years. Its called caring. Not everyone in the U.S. makes over 100k a year.

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