DWP Elysian Park Water Recycling Pipe Line [Update]

DWP Elysian Park Water Recycling Pipe Line [Update]

This past Thursday, the LADWP presented the project before the neighborhood council land trust committee.  This pipe will travel across the LA River anchored to the pedestrian/bike bridge planned to link Cypress Park and Elysian Valley.

At the meeting, LADWP presented an alternate route to bring the pipe directly up Dorris PL street through the Public Works maintenance building-avoinding the originally intended travel route that included breaking the pedestrian/bike path, Riverdale Ave. and Blake Ave. and up Dorris Place St. and under the 5 FWY.

The public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Elysian Park-Downtown Water Recycling Projects will be extended for an additional 45 days. The public comment period, originally scheduled to close on May 8, 2015, will be extended through June 26, 2015.  

Your comments for or against this project can be made via email to irene.paul@ladwp.com.  The draft EIR is available for review on the LADWP website at http://www.ladwp.com/envnotices

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  1. Aside from whatever the cultural pros and cons might be about a bridge connecting these areas, this bridge will now put the elysian valley within a very short walking distance of a “major transportation hub.” For anyone out there who isn’t up to speed on what that means to City Planning officials– I’m sure you can guess.

    The closer a neighborhood is to mass transit, the taller and denser new projects are encouraged to be. Also, extra parking reductions are given for developments within 1,500 feet of transit. To City Planners this makes good sense– If its close to mass transit, then building restrictions should be relaxed and density incentivized. Does it make sense for the EV? I’m not sure anyone is asking the community what it thinks.

    Just putting out this information as consideration for the what might be unanticipated impacts associated with the Bridge.

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