Please attend the May 13th Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Please attend the May 13th Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Dear Neighbor:

Please be alert for any suspicious criminal activity and don’t hesitate to call 911 to report.  Better you call a false alarm than to not call what may very well be a crime in progress.  Know that you can contact police and request to remain anonymous.  You too can request that they call you back with a status report on the criminal activity you report.   If a victim of a crime, please remember to file a police report in person at the San Fernando Rd. Station.  The day is coming when we will be able to do so on-line from the comfort of our own home computer.  Know that No report=No Crime, which in turn equals no police resources to EV.  Thank you for doing your part. Facebook:

Please Attend Today’s Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Date/Fecha: Wednesday/Miercoles: May 13, 2015
Time/Tiempo: 7-8:35 PM
Place/Lugar: Dickerson Employee Benefits
                          1918 Riverside Dr.
                          Los Angeles, CA 90039

EVNW Agenda:

This meeting will be a salon-style discussion with neighbors, area stakeholders and invited guests speakers Damian Robledo of LA River Wild and Attorney Darek Galey of Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.

We will dedicate the entire meeting to this discussion exercise with the goal of cementing a list of neighborhood needs and wants.  Mark your calendar and make your voices heard.

Come share with us what you think are the most essential needs of Elysian Valley.

LAPD Crime Report and & CD13 Report will be available via hard copy and on line.

Thank you in advance for your much anticipated attendance and participation.