LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2015

After another incident between a cyclist and pedestrians on the Los Angeles River Bike Path, including a personal vehicle which damaged railing and endangered all on the Path, the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch and members from the community came together to discuss the upcoming Share The Path walk, an event to promote safety on the Los Angeles Bike Path.
Share The Path will be held on May 2, 2015. It is EVNW’s goal that this inaugural walk will help prevent further incidents from occurring.

Last month, there was an altercation between a cyclist and a few pedestrians on the path, leaving community members concerned.  There was a large group of supporters that attended the recent neighborhood watch meeting, eager to voice their opinions about the recurring incidents on the path.

Ceci Dominguez, a member of the neighborhood watch who was in attendance at this meeting, explained that she witnessed the cyclist warn the pedestrians to move to their right.  The pedestrians were startled, and thought they were being yelled at, not knowing that the cyclist was simply warning them.  “My goal is for safety, that’s my number one goal. We need to educate our neighbors because accidents happen.  It’s an issue we must deal with and we cannot be ignorant. The fact is that as pedestrians we are victims,” said Dominguez.

Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch will continue to hold meetings that will allow community members to voice their concerns.  Authorities have been notified and will be keeping an eye out for speeding bikers and ensuring the safety of elderly and vulnerable pedestrians.


  1. A simple solution, all bikes need bells. Instead of yelling “ON YOUR RIGHT!”, just ding the bell. It’s less startling and aggressive for the pedestrian and saves the cyclist the trouble of shouting every time someone is in their path!

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