Helicopter and police cruiser activity in EV on 2/24/15

ELYSIAN VALLEY — Police in riot helmets have sealed off streets and an LAPD helicopter is hovering overhead this afternoon after officers responded to calls of a man behaving erratically and having a “violent episode,” according to a police spokeswoman.

Streets near Denby and Blake avenues were blocked off, and paramedics and fire trucks are parked nearby. One resident who lived near the scene said officers ordered him to leave his home for his safety while other report seeing police snipers on rooftops.

UPDATE @ 5:45 p.m.: Residents report that the barricade situation is over after police fired about two dozen tear gas canisters into the home and apprehended the suspect.

UPDATE:  The man who has barricaded himself  threw an object at an officer, who was injured , according to Capt. Jeff Bert with the Northeast Division.  The suspect has been threatening to shoot at officers, Bert said.

The officer was injured when responding to a call of a screaming man at the residence.

One nearby resident said the man has threatened to blow up the house.

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