EVNW monthly meeting – February 11, 2015. 7pm at Dickerson Employee Benefits

Update: 2/11/2015

Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch

Dear Neighbor:

Please be alert for any suspicious criminal activity and don’t hesitate to call 911 to report.  Better you call a false alarm than to not call what may very well be a crime in progress.  Know that you can contact police and request to remain anonymous.  You too can request that they call you back with a status report on the criminal activity you report.   If a victim of a crime, please remember to file a police report in person at the San Fernando Rd. Station.  The day is coming when we will be able to do so on-line from the comfort of our own home computer.  Know that No report=No Crime, which in turn equals no police resources to EV.  Thank you for doing your part.

Please Attend Today’s Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Date/Fecha: Wednesday/Miercoles: February 11, 2015
Time/Tiempo: 7-8:35 PM
Place/Lugar: Dickerson Employee Benefits
                          1918 Riverside Dr.
                          Los Angeles, CA 90039

EVNW Agenda:

1. LAPD-Crime Report (handout)
2. Councilmember O’Farrell Report (handout-includes Eminent Domain issue)


3. Helen Leung (LA-Mas Futuro de Frogtown)- 7:00-7:05 pm https://evnw.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/draft-report-for-futuro-de-frogtown/
4. Comunity College Counseling and Mentoring Workshop- 7:05-8:35 pm https://evnw.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/elysian-valley-community-college-counseling-and-mentoring-program/
5. Adjourn

Original post:

Dear Neighbors,
Mark your calendar for the first phase of our Elysian Valley Community College Counseling and Mentoring program on February 11, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at Dickerson Employee Benefits.

Crime Stats Between 1/30/2015 – 2/5/2015

Date: 1/30/2015 10:00 PM
Location: 2300 GLOVER PL
Description: VEHICLE, STOLEN