Elysian Valley Walk Day – May 2, 2015

2015ev-walk day


LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2015—The pedestrians and bicyclists of the Elysian Valley community are preparing to join as one along the Los Angeles River.  On May 2, they will walk together, embracing the concept to “Share The Path.”

The ongoing issue between pedestrians and cyclists has been prominent in Elysian Valley for quite some time.  After numerous accidents occurring along the bike path, many members of the community were losing their sense of trust and unity within the area.  They have been demanding action and change and now they are finally seeing it, as the Elysian Valley will have its inaugural “Share The Path” walk.

The walk is organized by the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch, which will be hosting an informative workshop for pedestrians and bicyclists on proper etiquette when using the river path.  “I’m a pedestrian and I’m a cyclist.  I’ve been living in this community for many years and I’m happy this event is happening.  It should be really good for our community,” says neighborhood watch member Jose Flores.

With the support of the Elysian Valley community and neighboring communities, this event is sure to be a great way of creating unity and change between walkers and bikers.  For further information, please visit the neighborhood watch website at evnw.wordpress.com.


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