Elysian Valley Community College Counseling and Mentoring program

update: 2/14/2015


The college workshop was well attended (standing room capacity). The feedback received from those in attendance was very positive.

We had 10 students who signed in at the meeting.
We had 13 parents who signed in.  One parent requested help for his three sons.
We had 7 potential mentors who indicated interest on the sign in sheet,

Not including the three sons listed above, we had 6 students ask for help from the program by completing the Appointment Request Form.

Including those who expressed interest earlier, we have 9 potential mentors.

The qualifying criteria for help by this program is the Elysian Valley stakeholder definition of the Neighborhood Council.

  1. Reside within the Elysian Valley neighborhood.
  2. Own property within the Elysian Valley neighborhood.
  3. Own a business or work within the Elysian Valley neighborhood.

Special thanks to Gary Krauss (Ascending Lights Leadership Network) and the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council for brining this very valuable service to our community… ascendinglightsigraduate@gmail.com



Original Post:

Mark your calendar Students and Parents for this very important college workshop.  We are dedicating our February monthly neighborhood watch meeting to you, our area students and parents. This is for the soon to be high school graduate and those already in college.  We want to help you succeed in college and in life.  Please share this communication with your friends, classmates, family, neighbors, and co-workers.  I look forward to greeting you and your family in person and thank you in advance for your much anticipated attendance.

Best regards,

Dear Neighbors,

I am pleased to announce that we will begin the first phase of our Elysian Valley Community College Counseling and Mentoring program on February 11, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at Dickerson Employee Benefits.
Since our ultimate objective is to graduate as many folks from community college as possible and facilitate their university transfers (if desired), we felt that it was critical to do this in three distinct phases.  This will enable us to get timely and thorough assistance to the students who are seeking help now.
Phase 1:  Community College Information and Counseling meeting.  In this meeting we will talk about the importance of community college and how it is a key pathway to good paying careers.  We will talk about the things that parents and students want to know about the most including:
Choosing a career and determining its earning potential, applying to college, college costs, obtaining financial aid, finishing college quickly.
We will be sure that all parent and student questions are answered.
Presentations will be in English and Spanish.
Students desiring help from us in any of these areas will be able to make  appointments for one-on-one counseling with one of  our experienced Ascending Lights mentor/counselors.
Phase 2:  Students who made appointments will meet with our Ascending Lights mentor/counselors.The meetings will take place in our offices on the property of Divine Savior Church in Cypress Park.  There, we will be able to access a wealth of resources that we have on hand. The goal will be to give the student exactly what he or she needs:  Career assessment, academic planning, applying to college or obtaining financial aid.  More than one individual counseling session may be required.  The goal is to deliver a quality experience to every student who signs up.
At the end of the counseling session they will also be able to indicate if they would like to have a volunteer mentor from Elysian Valley to follow up with them.
Phase 3: We will recruit and train E.V.mentors in how to help their student to implement the plan developed by our staff for them.  The Ascending Lights mentor/counselor will then introduce the student to the E.V. mentor and go over the plan.  Since we will have done the “heavy lifting” in academic planning, the only thing the E.V. mentor will need to do is monitor student progress and provide advice.  Eventually, the E.V. mentor will be trained in the use of our iGraduate career assessment and academic planning tools. iGraduate training seminars are conducted by our agency throughout the year.
Throughout the student/E.V.mentor relationship we will be close by to assist with any needs that arise.
Thank you for your interest in this program.  We believe that this initiative will bear much fruit.  The need is great!
Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions.

Gary Krauss

Ascending Lights iGraduate
2911 Idell Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Cell/Txt 323-428-4244

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