Bimbo Bakery Project

 The Bimbo Bakery Project Unveiled

  • 100 single luxury homes on Blake Ave. against the LA River with a cafe alongside the LA River
  • 4 open access points from Blake Ave. that cut through to the River available to all
  • Main building preserved for retail opportunity with consideration extend to local business opportunity
  •  36′ maximum height of building
  • Opportunity for Elysian Valley service center/meeting room
  • Possible employment opportunity for EV stakeholders


  • 19 single luxury condo’s on Blake Ave./Blimp Ave. -empty parking lot adjacent to the community garden
  • 36′ maximum building height


  • Open corridors from Blake Ave. to the River


  • Front view of  Blake Ave.  with original building structure preserved


  • View from the LA River with 40′ + set-back with walkway to cafe
  • Developer receptive to setting back greater space to widen pedestrian/bike path


  • Night view rendition from the pedestrian/bike path
  • Average starting price:$450,000 and up

Note:  By right development can be 270 plus units.  Through dialogue with the Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee and community, development is reduced to 119 units.


  1. The government wants to come in and destroy a very small community. This should NOT be allowed!!

    • Susan your conspiracy theory is laughable. “Let’s destroy this neighborhood by building housing, cafés and places to eat and shop”. I think the word you’re looking for is IMPROVE not destroy

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