Bimbo Bakery Project

 The Bimbo Bakery Project Unveiled

  • 100 single luxury homes on Blake Ave. against the LA River with a cafe alongside the LA River
  • 4 open access points from Blake Ave. that cut through to the River available to all
  • Main building preserved for retail opportunity with consideration extend to local business opportunity
  •  36′ maximum height of building
  • Opportunity for Elysian Valley service center/meeting room
  • Possible employment opportunity for EV stakeholders


  • 19 single luxury condo’s on Blake Ave./Blimp Ave. -empty parking lot adjacent to the community garden
  • 36′ maximum building height


  • Open corridors from Blake Ave. to the River


  • Front view of  Blake Ave.  with original building structure preserved


  • View from the LA River with 40′ + set-back with walkway to cafe
  • Developer receptive to setting back greater space to widen pedestrian/bike path


  • Night view rendition from the pedestrian/bike path
  • Average starting price:$450,000 and up

Note:  By right development can be 270 plus units.  Through dialogue with the Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee and community, development is reduced to 119 units.


    • Susan your conspiracy theory is laughable. “Let’s destroy this neighborhood by building housing, cafés and places to eat and shop”. I think the word you’re looking for is IMPROVE not destroy

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