Futuro de Frogtown: Workshop 6: Q Conditions

Workshop 6: Q Conditions

Friendly reminder to join us for the final Futuro de Frogtown workshop tonight from 6:30-8:00 PM at Elysian Valley United at 2812 Newell Street.

Homemade Chinese food, including shrimp fried rice and chicken lo mien, will be provided by your neighbor Wayne!


Q Conditions are going to change, help us shape them!

The City is changing “Q Conditions”, which are rules on what can be built, how land is used, how big and tall buildings can be, and where cars and bicycles can be built.

These rules apply only to commercial and manufacturing land. Building on the recent Neighborhood Council and Department of City Planning meetings, this workshop will provide policy scenarios for your consideration.

This workshop is the last in a series of six public workshops focused on engaging neighbors on the future of Elysian Valley.

Stayed tuned for a project summary in January. If you missed a workshop, check out the highlights here