Please Attend Wednesday’s Neighborhood Watch Meeting Wednesday Dec. 10, 2014

Dear Neighbor:

Please be alert for any suspicious criminal activity and don’t hesitate to call 911 to report.  Better you call a false alarm than to not call what may very well be a crime in progress.  Know that you can contact police and request to remain anonymous.  You too can request that they call you back with a status report on the criminal activity you report.   If a victim of a crime, please remember to file a police report in person at the San Fernando Rd. Station.  The day is coming when we will be able to do so on-line from the comfort of our own home computer.  Know that No report=No Crime, which in turn equals no police resources to EV.  Thank you for doing your part.
Please Attend Wednesday’s Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Wednesday Dec. 10, 2014
@ Dickerson Employee Benefits
1918 Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Time: 6:30-8 PM

For this month’s Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch meeting, we will be teaming up with LA Más and the Futuro de Frogtown initiative. Please join us for a joint meeting this Wednesday, December 10th  focused on transportation issues in our neighborhood and our regularly scheduled meeting.

The meeting will begin with a focus on transportation issues, including parking challenges and potential solutions, especially in the context of new projects. The meeting will wrap up with our usual Neighborhood Watch updates and discussion items!

Futuro de Frogtown is a series of six public workshops (this meeting is the fifth one in the series!) focused on engaging neighbors on the future of Elysian Valley. It is a short community-based project to capture the voices of stakeholders on what is important, what we need to change, and how we can best grow. To learn more, visit

This meeting will start earlier at 6:30 PM, but end by 8:15 PM. Enjoy food provided by Good Eggs!
EVNW Agenda:

  • Welcome w/food from Good Eggs
  • Futuro de Frogtown (Helen Leung)
  • Public Comment
  • Councilmember Report
  • LAPD-Crime Report
  • Adjourn 
See below for additional details:

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Workshop 5 Rescheduled!

Neighbors, we are rescheduling Workshop 5 to next Wednesday, December 10th from 6:30-8:00 PM at Dickerson Employee Benefits located at 1918 Riverside Drive.

Many thanks to the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch for co-hosting this workshop with us! This meeting will focus on transportation alternatives and include the regularly scheduled Neighborhood Watch meeting.

We are changing the date to accommodate participation of community members at theNeighborhood Council’s Q Condition Town Hall taking place tomorrow. We hope to see some of you there!


What kind of parking problem do we have?

As our numbers grow, we need to understand what kind of transportation is right for our community.

This workshop will explore parking challenges, potential solutions, and transportation in the context of new projects in the neighborhood.

Refreshments will be generously provided by Good Eggs!

This workshop is the fifth in a series of six public workshops focused on engaging neighbors on the future of Elysian Valley.

“Q” Ordinance! There are a series of upcoming meetings related to policy changes in the neighborhood. The Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council will be hosting a town halltomorrow. The City’s first update workshop is taking place this Saturday. As a wrap up to the Futuro series, Workshop 6 will focus on the Q Conditions and take place on Tuesday, December 16th


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