EVRNC open town hall style discussion on Q Conditions

From Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Outreach email:
Hello Elysian Valley Stakeholders,
As many people are aware, development and housing are one of the primary issues for the Elysian Valley community.  As part of our continued effort to provide education and information on these issues, the EVRNC is promoting two opportunities where community members can stay engaged and up to date on such issues:
This Thursday, December 4 @ 6:30 pm, the EVRNC will hold a Special Board Meeting at Dorris Place Elementary School.  The first half of the meeting will be an open town hall style discussion on Q Conditions.  The Board will not be taking motions or actions during this portion, instead this will afford community members the opportunity to participate and listen to a discussion in an open forum.  It is our hope that this will provide valuable information to the community.
The second half of this Special Board Meeting will be a brief meeting which is similar to our standard monthly meetings.  Again, please note, this meeting will take place at Dorris Place.  The agenda listing all items has been attached.