Futuro De Frogtown : Workshop 5 : Transportation Alternatives

Workshop 5: Transportation Alternatives

You are cordially invited to participate in our fifth workshop on Thursday, December 4th from 6:30-8:00 PM at Good Eggs located at 2760 Clearwater Street. Ample parking available across the street.

Workshop 1 | Neighborhood 101@ Elysian Valley Community Garden

Workshop 5 @ Good Eggs

What kind of parking problem do we have?

As our numbers grow, we need to understand what kind of transportation is right for our community.

This workshop will explore parking challenges, potential solutions, and transportation in the context of new projects in the neighborhood.

Refreshments will be generously provided by Good Eggs!

This workshop is the fifth in a series of six public workshops focused on engaging neighbors on the future of Elysian Valley.

“Q” Ordinance! Don’t forget to attend the City’s first update workshop on your community’s land use regulations. This workshop is taking place on December 6th from 9:30-11:30 AM at Dorris Place Elementary School.

Missed a Futuro de Frogtown workshop? Find out what happened and contribute your thoughts at our regular Open House events. The next one is taking place on December 10th from 5-8 PM at LA Más.