Elysian Valley News 10/ 30/ 2014

Dear Neighbor:

Please be alert for any suspicious criminal activity and don’t hesitate to call 911 to report.  Better you call a false alarm than to not call what may very well be a crime in progress.  Know that you can contact police and request to remain anonymous.  You too can request that they call you back with a status report on the criminal activity you report.   If a victim of a crime, please remember to file a police report in person at the San Fernando Rd. Station.  The day is coming when we will be able to do so on-line from the comfort of our own home computer.  Know that No report=No Crime, which in turn equals no police resources to EV.  Thank you for doing your part.
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The EVNW newsletter intends to communicate first and foremost Community news and information.  We are an equal opportunity newsletter and there is no issue that we will not cover if deemed important by the author (including entertaining).  We welcome and invite the opinion and contributions of EV stakeholders and others.

“Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses”……John Wooden, legendary UCL Men’s Basketball coach

Elysian Valley Family Needs Temporary Rental 

Our Neighbor Rosita and her granddaughter Karina are looking for a temporary rental in Elysian Valley.  Last week, their house on Harwood St. sustained fire damage.  Rosita (91 years young) home at the time, thankfully made it out safely with the help of neighbors.  Please let me know by return email if you have space available to rent this beautiful family of two.

Plan for a Safe Halloween

Trick or Treat With an Adult

-Children under the age of 12 should not be alone at night without adult supervision.
-If kids are mature enough to be out without supervision, they should stick to familiar areas that are well lit and trick-or-treat in groups.

Keep Costumes Both Creative and Safe

-Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, choose light colors.
-Choose face paint and makeup whenever possible instead of masks, which can obstruct a child’s vision.
-Have kids carry glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers.

See more at: http://www.safekids.org/tip/halloween-safety-tips#sthash.Pq8TJP4J.dpuf

Walk Safely 
-Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks.
-Always walk on sidewalks or paths.
-If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible.
-Children should walk on direct routes with the fewest street crossings.

24th Street Theater Dia de los Muertos

Sewer smell on Oros St. Required Renewed Attention

From: Adam Bass <adam.bass@lacity.org>

Date: October 30, 2014 at 9:38:23 PM PDT

Subject: Re: Sewer smell and fix on Blake and Oros & Trash can missing from Steel Head Park

Hi folks. At the last neighborhood council meeting,  I heard that the smell had returned to this location, so I asked the crew to investigate.This evening I got the following report,  “Division 383 crew reported that they inspected the area at Blake and Oros. They reported that there were two traps at location that was venting an odor. The crew reported that they flushed traps, reset weir boards, and sealed pick holes to correct bad odor problem.”

I hope that helps, but I trust you will let me know if it doesn’t!
Field Deputy (Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Glassell Park)
Office of Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell
5500 Hollywood Blvd., 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 957-4500  www.cd13.org

Drop, Cover and Hold On
Click the following link to see the Elysian Valley Emergency Plan


This past Thursday, the nation practiced preparedness with the Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill. This year, over 10.4 million people in California and over 26 million people worldwide participated in the Shake Out Drill. Our Communications Director, Stephanie Saporito, would like to remind you that preparing for an earthquake doesn’t end after the Shake Out. Everyone, everywhere, should know how to protect themselves in an earthquake.

Great Shake Out Earthquake Drills are an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools, and organizations to practice what to do during earthquakes, and to improve preparedness. Great Shake Out earthquake drills are an opportunity to practice how to be safer during earthquakes: “Drop, Cover and Hold On.” Shake Out also has been organized to encourage you, your community, your school, or your organization to update emergency plans and supplies, and to secure your space in order to prevent damage and injuries.

Many areas of the globe are prone to earthquakes. You could be anywhere when an earthquake strikes: at home, at work, at school or even on vacation. Are you prepared to survive and to recover quickly?

Key Emergency Preparedness Essentials

  • Developing a family/business Disaster Plan (i.e., where to meet, evacuation, etc.)
  • Be prepare at home, at work & in your vehicle
  • Plan for 2-3 week survival without emergency responders (i.e., food supply, water, cash in hand in small bills, etc.).
  • Gift of Life idea (gifting family emergency kits for birthdays & other special occasions)
  • Having at minimum ½ a tank of gas in your car at all times.  This will enable you to run the air conditioning, heater & radio should you be unable to live in your house.
  • Knowing where the shut-off is for electrical, gas & water
  • Proper storage of water (i.e., 6 month life span-keep away from the sun and raised-not resting on concrete or ceramic floors as these have chemicals that will seep through the plastic water container and contaminate otherwise fresh water).
  • Having a minimum of two fire extinguishers in the house to put out fires (two (2) because one out of two have been known to fail).
  • Being mindful of Children and Elderly needs (i.e., formula, diapers, bottles, medications, eye glasses, toys, comfort blankets, etc.).
  • Be mindful of neighbors with special needs (i.e., disabled/elderly)
  • Learn and practice “Drop/Cover/Hold” drill
  • Have a gas powered generator with reserve gas in storage
  • Have a list of emergency contact number
  • Know your community resources & gathering places
  • If a qualified medic, give consideration to making yourself available to assist those in need
  • Hold Practice Emergency drills

No, it’s not your imagination: The Los Angeles area is feeling more earthquakes this year http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-la-quakes-20140603-story.html

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014 General Election Voter Guide

United States Representative =  Vote Adam B. Schiff

State Senator = Vote Kevin De Leon

Prop 1 (Water Bond) = No Vote
Prop 2 (Rainy Day Fund) = Yes Vote

Prop P (Safe Neighborhood, Parks, Gang Prevention) = No Vote

This is a $23 per parcel tax for 30 years (2015~2045) rushed into ballot with little to no public outreach

Prop 45 (Healthrate Insurance) = Yes Vote

Would require rate increases to individual and small group health insurance to be approved by the Insurance Commissioner before taking effect.  This is working with auto insurance regulation and will work with health insurance.

Prop 46 (Drug & Alcohol testing for Doctors, Increase Mal Practice Award Limits & Prescription Database) =No Vote

This discourages doctors from entering the profession, invites lawsuits.  The prescription databased condition is something that can be done without piggy-backing the Drug Testing of Doctors and Increasing Mal Practice award Limits)

Prop 47 (Criminal Sentences) = Yes Vote

This would reduce felonies to misdemeanors for certain drug and property offenses.  Inapplicable to person with prior conviction for serious or violent crime and registered sex offenders.

Prop 48 (Indian Gaming Compacts Referendum) =  Yes Vote

This approves a new Casino and means revenue to the state.  If its good for Vegas its good for California and the Tribal communities.

Join the good eggs community

Make Pie with Good Eggs and Sugar Pie, Honey Buns

Get pie-pared for the holidays! Join us for a baking workshop with Michelle Park from Sugar Pie, Honey Buns. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, as we’ll get to make our own apple pie with tips and techniques for the new and seasoned home baker.
If you have a favorite pie pan, apron, or kitchen tool, bring it along, otherwise we’ll provide disposable pie pans and tools for you to use. We’ll also get the chance to try some of Michelle’s other delicious pie offering that you can buy on Good Eggs!
Where: 2760 Clearwater St., LA, 90039. Parking is in the front lot.
When: Sunday, November 9th, 5 – 7pm
RSVPPlease RSVP soon! Tickets are $15* per person, which will cover the cost of your very own apple pie to take home!

*Feel free to bring a +1 to help you bake your pie

RSVP here!
What’s going on in our other Food Hubs?
New Orleans
Happy Hour Recipe Swap at Swirl Wines, 3143 Ponce de Leon St., NOLA (Nov. 15, 2 – 4pm)
San Francisco
Good Eggs Foodhub Tour at 630 Tennessee Street, San Francisco (Nov. 16, 4 – 6pm)
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The Council for Watershed Health invites you to join us for the Ecology of the LA River. A rapidly changing river system makes a perfect outdoor lab for researchers in urban ecology. Join us in exploring research on biological resources within the LA River Watershed, including its algae, vascular plants, freshwater mollusks, fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and mammals.
Let’s further the conversation on the interaction between all living things in the complex watershed system.



Bible study @ St. Ann Parish Every Monday at 6 pm

2302 Riverdale Ave.
1365 Blake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90031We would love to have you at our Bible study.  We meet every Monday in the Hall from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM including refreshment time.  The purpose of the study is to help folks understand the Biblical sources of the Catholic faith and how we can tap into the power of God to enhance our everyday lives.  We look at the readings for the upcoming Sunday.  We use a number of church approved sources to help us to fully understand what God is saying to us in in those readings.  Come and check it out!
Gary Krauss

FREE Dispute Resolution Program

Get free dispute resolution with business, consumer, family/domestic, neighbor to neighbor, work/personal injury issues.  This program too offers “free mediation” training.   This office too has a voluntary mediation between individuals and law enforcement to help improve relations between LAPD & the Community. To schedule an appointment or for more information contact Ms. Alma Martinez at 213.485.8324alma.martinez@lacity.org.

Free Stuff
https://www.freecycle.org/  is a free site that matched up people who are giving stuff away with people who are looking for selected items.  So check out this site before going out to buy something you can get for free.

Bulky-Item/Illegal Dumping Reporting
Our community has a serious bulky item/illegal dumping problem.  In addition to reporting said items for pick-up via my 311 App (smart phone users) and dialing 311, this too can be reported via fax to: 213.473.4096 to the attention Mr. Domingo Salgado.  Lastly this can too be done on line http://san.lacity.org/solid_resources/ The City has a $1000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of anyone illegally dumping trash.

Funeral Planning 101

  • Know your spending budget and stick with it (treat it with the same planning given a house or vehicle purchase)
  • It has to work for you and your family
  • Shop around for the least expensive options by calling area funeral homes for pricing
  • Funeral homes are obligated by law to offer itemized options and to quote pricing over the phone.  You are not obligated to purchase funeral packages.
  • There are no charities to help with expenses (be suspicious of anyone claiming to do this)
  • Find funeral and cremation prices in your community by using this link: http://fcasocal.org/

Funeral Planning Services

http://efuneral.com/users/site/index is a site that helps simplify funeral planning. Find the funeral information you need to plan with confidence.  “With our free funeral comparison tools, articles, and videos, you’ll plan a memorable funeral service – and stay within your budget.”

More Affordable Funeral Services

Funeral services that are available for every budget.  For additional information and assistance, please visit http://www.funerals.org/.  The Funeral Consumer Alliance can be reached at 802-865-8300.  Stay away from the package sale as you have the legal right to purchase services separately (i.e., a $1000.00 coffin from Costco).  Also discourage the practice of buying funeral burial plots as people tend to move to other states and/or other parts of the world and don’t necessarily end-up being buried where they bought their plots.  Cremation too is now becoming very popular and an acceptable means by most faiths.  In short be informed and do what is within your means and best for your individual situation.  Funeral services are free for military personnel.

Affordable Prescription Glasses On-Line

There is a website that offers prescription eye glasses for as little as $7.99 at [zennioptical.com]-1800-211-2105.  It requires you get your prescription from your eye doctor…something they hate doing but which you have a right to.  Be sure to request your prescription with your pupillary distance measurement.  I have personally put this site to test and purchased a pair of glasses with some extras (i.e., tint, reflective coating, etc. for under $30)-received via US mail in two weeks.

Fill your Medical Prescriptions at Costco

Be reminded of the benefit of having medical prescriptions filled at the Costco pharmacy.  Considerable savings can be realized when filling generic prescriptions at Costco (i.e., $10 generic at Costco is costing $100-200 at outside pharmacies).  The good news is that no Costco membership is required for pharmacy services.  

Graffiti and Illegal Dumping

Graffiti Reporting
Please report any graffiti to 311 for clean-up.  Graffiti can also be reported via web address http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm.   For graffiti on the pedestrian/bike path, please report same to LA-River Corps for clean-up at the following e-mail contacts: igarcia@lacorps.orgymcorona@lacorps.org

Illegal Dumping
Please report any items on the sidewalk or on the side of the street to 311.  You can also report items online http://san.lacity.org/solid_resources/refuse/SR_IllegalDumping.htm.
Please Tell a Friend:
The city of Los Angeles has FREE bulky item pickup.  It is available to every resident, even if you are renting.  You can request items to be picked up FREE OF CHARGE.  Please help Keep Elysian Valley clean.
Telephone: (800) 773-2489
Webpage: http://www.lacitysan.org/solid_resources/refuse/services/bulky_items.htm
Online Service: http://www.san.lacity.org/solid_resources/refuse/service_request.htm

Full Description of Services
We encourage you to recycle your bulky items through charitable organizations and thrift stores. If you are unable to do so, the Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) will pick-up large or bulky household items, such as mattresses, couches, and other furniture from residents serviced by the City of Los Angeles. To arrange for the removal of these items from your curbside, please call 1-800-773-2489, fromMonday through Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., at least one day before your regular collection day. Bulky items are collected on the same day that your regular trash collection is made.
Have an itemized list ready when calling in your request.
You can also request collection by clicking on the Web Site indicated below. Fill out and submit the Service Request form. On line service requests take two days to process. BOS does not collect automotive parts, construction material, commercial waste or cardboard as Bulky Item collections.

Customer Service Call Center
No Public Counter
Los Angeles, CA 90013
tdd: (213) 473-4095
800: (800) 773-2489
ctx: (213) 473-4180
email: san.callcenter@lacity.org
Hours: MondayFriday, 07:30a.m.-04:45p.m

Important Contact Resource Guide

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell
Los Angeles City Council, District 13
City Hall

Adam G. Bass
Elysian Valley Field Deputy
District Office5500 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
323.957.4500 – office
Councilman Mitch O’Farrell
Los Angeles City Council, District 13

  • 911 – All Emergencies
  • 213.793.0760 – 30347@lapd.lacity.org – SLO  Gina Chovan
  • 323..344.5754 or 323.344.5726 – Gang Unit
  • 323.344.5739 – Vice Unit
  • 213.847.9722 – Narcotics Unit
  • 323.344.5712 – Community Relations
  • GRAFFITI ISSUES: Ofcr M. Beall #32430 and Ofcr E. Martinez #38054

District Office:  1910 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 810, LA, CA 90026 (213)483-5151, -5166/fax
Capitol Office: P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0051 (916) 319-2051, -2151/fax
The City automated permit process can be found @:  http://bsspermits.lacity.org/