Elysian Park and Downtown Water Recycling Projects Informational Meetings


Elysian Park and Downtown Water Recycling Projects Informational Meetings

 Mr. John Huynh, PE, will present this project at our Oct. 8-NW meeting.


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is expanding its use of recycled water throughout the city of Los Angeles as part of the strategy for maintaining a reliable water supply for our customers. Two important projects in advancing this effort include the Elysian Park and Downtown Water Recycling Projects. These projects will bring recycled water to Elysian Park and Downtown Los Angeles to offset potable demands and provide infrastructure for strategic expansion of recycled water use.

The projects are currently in the planning stages and as part of our project development process, we are reaching out to the community to provide information, receive feedback, and do our best to provide answers to any questions you may have. We are currently developing a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that is projected to circulate for public comment in early 2015.

Would the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch be interested in a presentation about the projects and the upcoming Draft EIR? I have attached maps of the proposed projects to provide a better understanding of where they are located. Please contact me via e-mail or telephone if you would like us to present information to your group and we would be more than happy to meet with you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.
John Huynh, PE
(213) 367-8716
Water Engineering and Technical Services
Project Management Office