Bimbo-Bakery Project Presented

Bimbo-Bakery Project Presented

100 Units at a height of 36′ plus possible roof deck with adaptive re-use of existing building
3-bedroom units with commercial front spaces alongside Blake Ave.
18 (3) story units across Blake Ave. on empty lot adjacent to the Garden (2 parking spaces per unit) plus 57 underground parking slots.  Unit sale prices are estimated in the high $400-500,000.00 range.

The above was presented at the NC Environment and Land Use committee meeting.  There was disagreement between developer and CD-13 Planning Rep. regarding zoning permitting residential development at this site. Developer insisted that City Planning has accepted its application.  CD13 clarified that acceptance did not equal approval.

Residents in attendance requested CD13 clarify questionable zoning for the benefit of all.  They too requested of CD13 and NC committee that Elysian Valley be protected during development.  Lastly, residents educated developer on the unique landscape of EV and requested that they take a genuine position to work with the community to bring community services and wants as part of development.

The meeting concluded with a promise by developers to comeback to the community with a complete project design layout in one whiteboard, for full appreciation. To bring with them a defined project track map (defining property lines).  The community promised to have in hand a list of wants and wishes to be presented to developer.

Elysian Valley Wants/Wishes/Needs List in Exchange for Permissible Development

  • Infrastructure Improvement (streets, sidewalks, sewer, tree maintenance, lights, internet, etc.)
  • A Recreation Center that serves our seniors and general community (including meeting space)
  • Transportation (i.e., DASH services)
  • Easy Fresh style mark, food service cafe/deli & retail
  • A public library
  • Employment opportunity/Priority to EV residents particularly those displaced by local business that have been purchased for development
  • Commitment to sponsor neighborhood groups (i.e., Youth Sports, Arts collective, Student Internships, Neighborhood Watch, Job Training, Parks, et al.)
  •  Affordable Financing and purchase preference to EV residents (including retail/commercial space rent/lease)-20% minimum
  • Traffic Control/Improvement

The above list is not exhaustive!  Please offer your suggestions ahead of final draft to be presented to our elected officials and all prospective developers.
*Elysian Valley deserves nothing less!*

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