RAC’s educational campaign, Smart Growth for Elysian Valley

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From: Maximilian Brenner
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2014 3:11 PM
To: David Delatorre
Subject: Smart Growth for Elysian Valley

Hi David,

I’m writing to let you know about RAC’s educational campaign, Smart Growth for Elysian Valley.

We’re concerned our neighborhood is at risk.  Developers are buying up riverfront property and many are proposing tall, big-block housing complexes.

Multi-story buildings on the riverfront are not only out-of-scale and intrusive for the neighborhood, they don’t fit with the vision of the LA River as a rejuvenating open space experience we, as a city, are investing so much to enhance.

Our goal is to make our councilman, our senators and representative aware of these issues and move them to stop out-of-scale development in Elysian Valley with a .75 F.A.R. limit on new buildings.  Here’s a brief explaining F.A.R. and what it means for Elysian Valley:


I do hope you’ll take a look, and please contact us with any thoughts, comments or questions.

All the best,

Max Brenner

Maximilian Brenner

3048 North Coolidge Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

t  | 323.663.9898

f  | 323.663.9899


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