Elysian Valley News September, 11 2014

Dear Neighbor:

Please be alert for any suspicious criminal activity and don’t hesitate to call 911 to report.  Better you call a false alarm than to not call what may very well be a crime in progress.  Know that you can contact police and request to remain anonymous.  You too can request that they call you back with a status report on the criminal activity you report.   If a victim of a crime, please remember to file a police report in person at the San Fernando Rd. Station.  The day is coming when we will be able to do so on-line from the comfort of our own home computer.  Know that No report=No Crime, which in turn equals no police resources to EV.  Thank you for doing your part.

The Frogtown Artwalk is Saturday Sept. 13, 2014

If so, please join the LA Más team as we prepare the Frogtown Artwalk signage markers all day tomorrow at our offices at 3051 N. Coolidge Avenue (right off the LA River). We are painting 40+ six feet tall plywood sheets that are cut into numbers. Each number will have fun designs that you can help create with colorful paint.
They will be distributed to each of the 20+ Artwalk locations on Saturday and we welcome any help on Fridayto finish up, especially folks from the neighborhood. Kids are welcomed if they can follow instruction. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.
Please call or email if you’re interests. Or just stop by.
Helen Leung
Director of Social Impact

Mark Aquiapao Calls Marsh St. Skate Park his 2nd Home

Mark is born and raised in Elysian Valley.  He is a 17 year old senior attending LA River High School located within the Sotomayor High School campus.   I met Mark this past Tuesday evening while visiting the Marsh St.  Skate-Park, which was buzzing with skater activity.  We were introduced by Park Supervisor Joel Jimenez soon after Joel shared with me that one of his skaters had on this very day (June 9th) become Class President of his high school.

When asked why he ran for Class President, Mark states that he is not happy with certain elements of how the school is run and wants to help improve the high school experience for all students.  Mark hopes to improve communication between teachers, students and the administration.  “Students should not have to rely on hearsay from other students for information,” says Mark.  He too would like to better organize school events.

While not yet sure of what college he’ll attend, Mark is certain of his field of study.  “I want to major in computer science and work for Apple or Google one day”.

When discussing the skate park, Mark indicates that he enjoys very much the safe space afforded to socialize and “hangout” with friends and neighbors.  When asked to describe what the Park represents or means to him, Mark calls it his “second home”.

“I used to be a little fat kid, sitting in front of the TV playing video games”, says Mark.  He has been skating for five (5) years and believes skating is something all kids can do if they just put their mind to it and “are prepared to fall”.  He has one word of advice for anyone looking to enter skateboarding, “don’t buy your first board from Toys R Us”.

Ripple Ave./Partridge St. 4 Way Stop Sign Installed

The 4-way stop sign was installed this week at Ripple Ave./Partridge St.  This came as a direct result of residents bringing a safety concern at this location.   This is the 4th such installation (Blake/Shoredale, Blake/Knox, Ripple/Gilroy).  We thank the Council-C13 office for their assistance in bringing this safety chance to our community.

Allesandro Elementary School Lockdown Update 

(courtesy of theeastsiderla)
[Today Sept. 9], for the second time in a month, Allesandro Elementary has been locked down as officials check reports of a gunman on or near the campus. The Riverside Drive school was locked down this morning as a “precaution” as classes continued, according to a tweet by L.A. School Police Chief Steven Zipperman.  NBC LA, meanwhile, reports that LAPD was looking into reports of a gunman near the school.
Last month, the school was also locked down after police received reports of a gunman on or near the campus on the day after the new school year began. No gunman was found.

Update: The school has been reopened after police found no suspects, according several media reports.  The lock down was prompted by what turned out to be a prank phone call – the third such call made from the same cell phone number, police told the L.A. Times.http://www.theeastsiderla.com/2014/09/silver-lake-school-locked-down/
Riverside Dr. /Fletcher St. Turn signal is Installed

The need for a turn signal was a needed safety additional long requested by many within and outside the EV community.  We thank the residents who brought this issue to our attention and Councilmember Mitch O’Farell for helping make this improvement a reality.

Crimes between 8/13/2014 – 9/10/2014

Date: 8/27/2014 1:05 PM
Location: 2800 PARTRIDGE AV
Description: VEHICLE, STOLEN

Date: 8/26/2014 7:30 AM
Location: 2300 DORRIS PL
Description: BURGLARY (entry of structure w/intent to commit theft or a felony) INCLUDES VESSELS

Date: 8/20/2014 9:00 AM
Location: 2300 GLOVER PL
Description: BURGLARY (entry of structure w/intent to commit theft or a felony) INCLUDES VESSELS

NW Meeting [9-10-14] Summary Notes:

Officer Lenny Davis attended in Gina’s absence and reported that the Elysian Valley Asian Community is being targeted by burglars-believing that they are more likely to keep cash at home.  We urge the Asian community to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to 911.

Regarding, the Eads St. Marijuana Dispensary, O. Davis reports that all eyes are on the establishment, which may be operation illegally. The good officer too cautioned resident against publicizing unconfirmed information via social media without fact checking same first with LAPD.

Special Guest Speaker (Officer Hoang Dinh)-LA City Wildlife Program
323-225-9453 (non-emergency #)
888-452-7381 Ext: 1-4-1 (Emergency #)
Officer Dinh stressed the need to keep food sources away from area wildlife as this is the principal source for their presence at or near your house.  For people with fruit trees, trimming branches 2-3 feet from any access source (garage, storage shed, property wall, etc.) keeps animals from accessing trees via branches.  Raccoons and other wildlife can be frightened with noise (i.e. pots and pans, air-horns, radios, tennis balls, water, etc.).  The key is to recondition animals to not be comfortable at or near humans.

Officer Dinh is can be reached via the non-emergency No. listed above and is more than happy to assist residents directly with their invading animal issues.  Just be patient as the good officer is only one of two officers serving the City.

Councilmember O’Farell Report-CD13

Futuro de Frogtown

20′ Emergency Supply Container

I’m woking on securing a 20′ container to house EV emergency supplies.  There is a high probability of this coming to fruition in the coming weeks.  The subsequent challenge is finding a permanent place to rest the unit.  Anyone with open space is asked to reach out to the EVNW.

Beware of Phony debt collectors Scam
By Clark Howard

Phony debt collectors are now hacking the databases of real debt collectors. These criminals are calling people pretending to be the legitimate debt collectors.   Scam victims are asked for personal financial information (i.e., checking account, credit card number) and are known to use intimidating scare tactics.
Of course, if you owe a debt and have the money, pay the debt! But know that if you pay even so much as one penny against an old debt that’s not legally active anymore, the entire debt comes back to life even if it had been outside of the statute of limitations. (This is not legal, but this is common among rogue collectors who don’t respect the law.)

Most often, though, people can’t afford to pay. In that case, collectors may say horrible things. They may tell your kids you’re going to jail if they get them on the phone. Or they may call your neighbors to try to use them to humiliate you into paying.

Remember this: If a collector is harassing you, you can shut down their harassment by certified mail using my drop dead letter. And know that they can’t threaten to kill you or physically harm you. Mainly they want to create intimidation and fear.

If you legitimately owe a debt, you have specific rights under federal law. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when dealing with collectors:

  • Always record any calls from/to a collector.
  • If your debt is outside the statute of limitations, you are not required to pay up. However, you should honor your obligations when you’re financially able to do so. The statutue of limitations is 3 to 4 years on many debts in most states. Yet a negative mark resulting from a delinquent account can hang out on your credit for up to 7 years.
  • You have the right to tell a collector never to contact you again. Use a drop dead letter and send it via certified mail. You can still, however, be sued against the debt even after sending this letter.
  • If you legitimately owe money and wish to make a deal to pay, never give a collector your checking account number over the phone. Collectors routinely take more money than they say they’ll take.
  • Never pay one cent until you have an agreement in writing stating your payment(s) will resolve the debt in full.

Pickup Tailgate Theft is on the Rise in California

Elysian Valley resident reports pickup tailgate stolen from leaving vehicle parked at Metro parking lot.  Residents are reminded to bring their vehicles inside and when parking outside seek a space where vehicle can be backed into a wall to make difficult removal of the tailgate.  Thieves are said to be stealing tailgates and placing them on sale in websites like Craigslist.  Be alert and report any suspicious activity to 911.

Panhandling Support Substance Abuse

West Nile virus [Alert]

Hi David,

Thank you for your [inquiry] regarding exposure risk to West Nile virus in 90031 and 90039. Currently, West Nile virus is considered widespread throughout the county, including the zip codes you mentioned. Unfortunately, it is here to stay and it will return every year. To reduce your risk of getting West Nile virus or any other mosquito-borne disease, we recommend taking precautions including using insect repellent and making sure there is no stagnant water around the home.

“We know that residents are faced with a multitude of obligations and concerns on a daily basis,” says Public Information Officer Levy Sun.  “GLACVCD is asking residents to just take a brief pause and remember to apply insect repellent when they are outdoors between dusk and dawn and to eliminate breeding sources around their homes.  These prevention measures are easy to follow, don’t require a lot of time, and can save lives.”

Residents can be proactive and follow the 3D’s of West Nile virus prevention to help stop the transmission of West Nile virus:

  1. Dump/Drain:Eliminate standing water on your property because that’s where mosquitoes breed.
  2. Dusk/Dawn:Avoid outdoor activities when mosquitoes are most active.
  3. Defend:Wear insect repellent containing EPA-registered ingredients such as DEET, Picaridin or Lemon Eucalyptus Oil and long-sleeve shirts and pants when outdoors. Use properly-fitted screens free from tears on windows and doors around your home to keep mosquitoes out.

West Nile virus is transmitted to people and animals through the bite of an infected mosquito. There is no cure for West Nile virus. One in five persons infected with West Nile virus will exhibit symptoms. Symptoms usually occur between 5 and 15 days and can include fever, headache, body aches, nausea, or a skin rash. These symptoms can last for several weeks to months. One in 150 people infected with the virus will require hospitalization. Severe symptoms include high fever, muscle weakness, neck stiffness, coma, paralysis, and possibly death.

GLACVCD recommends that individuals exhibiting these symptoms following a mosquito bite consult a physician as soon as possible. Those at highest risk for severe cases of West Nile virus are children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

For more information about West Nile virus and our vector control services, please contact Public Information Officer Crystal Brown at the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District at (562) 944-9656 x511 or visit www.glacvcd.org. For statewide information and statistics about West Nile virus, or to report a dead bird or squirrel, visit www.westnile.ca.gov or call 1-877-WNV BIRD.

As always, we’re here to help so if you observe any mosquito problems around the home or in the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or submit a service request at www.ReportMosquitoes.org. Since we are a public health agency, we provide free property inspections and, if necessary, we can help you treat for mosquito problems. Also, if you happen to notice any mosquito problems along the LA River, which we monitor frequently, don’t hesitate to submit a service request.

Levy Sun
Public Information Officer
Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District
12545 Florence Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Website: www.glacvcd.org
Mobile: (562) 325-3271
Main Line: (562) 944-9656 ext. 511
Fax: (562) 944-7976

Funeral Planning 101

  • Know your spending budget and stick with it (treat it with the same planning given a house or vehicle purchase)
  • It has to work for you and your family
  • Shop around for the least expensive options by calling area funeral homes for pricing
  • Funeral homes are obligated by law to offer itemized options and to quote pricing over the phone.  You are not obligated to purchase funeral packages.
  • There are no charities to help with expenses (be suspicious of anyone claiming to do this)
  • Find funeral and cremation prices in your community by using this link: http://fcasocal.org/

Notice of Release of Call for Projects for Neighborhood Improvement Funds, September 2014

The Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department soon will release a Call for Projects (Request for Proposals, RFP) to solicit applications from interested nonprofit organizations and City departments for the Neighborhood Improvement Fund (NIF) capital projects program.  The source of funds is Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).  The RFP will be released on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network website (labavn.org).  Please see the attached notice for additional information.


 CD 13 will evaluate each proposal on its merit and readiness.
Please let me know if you need any other information.
thank you, Marie