Good deed for the planet: Grove rescues a Canada Goose

I (Grove Pashley co owner of LA River Kayak Safari) rescued a Canada Goose this morning at the Inglewood Cemetery. This bird had a fishing lure around its leg and needed medical attention or it would eventually die without proper care. Using a net gun I fired a net at him and yet he/she was able to fly about 50′ high and landed again about 130 yards away. I ran my butt off to catch up with him as he tired in flight. Me too… ha. The person helping me took it to the professionals at International Bird Rescue down in San Pedro. It felt amazing to be able hold this amazing bird and see his face up so close. Hope to hear good news about him in a few days.

Thanks Joe Shalmoni for your help and bring this situation to my attention and Rebecca Dmytryk of the Wildlife Emergency Services for all your expert advise.

I suspect that in the future I will be doing more of this as the LA River wildlife habitat is expanded in the next 10-15 years. That will be the case if fishing is allowed to continue here.

2014-grove 01 2014-grove 02