Elysian Valley-LA River Bike Path Safety Meeting

Meeting Summary

April 9, 2014

Meeting date: April 8, 2014

Marisol, Adam, Tim, Michelle, Gina, I want to thank you again for your attendance last night and for your attention to the subject matter.  We welcome the short-term continuing mitigating efforts (i.e., additional signage, stenciling, thermo-plastic rumblers, LAPD enforcement, etc.).  Having said this, we reiterate our request for a permanent solution that aligns itself with the increased traffic that the area is attracting by way of the LA River Revitalization, a planned pedestrian/cycling bridge over the LA River (connecting Cypress Park/Elysian Valley), summer Kayaking and area residential development (i.e., Bimbo site).  In view of this, we request that CD-13 in collaboration with Local, State and Federal entities dedicate/reallocate funding to (1) re-design the bike path so that it widens the existing space to safely accommodate the shared use,  (2) to develop a separate cycling space across the River parallel to the rail tracks and/or (3) re-configure Riverside Dr. to accommodate cyclist-restricting use of the Elysian Valley space to the historical paseando/recreational use, where pedestrian walkers, joggers, children, dog walkers and casual cyclist can enjoy this stretch of the River without fear for their safety.

We look forward to hearing back from you in due time and thank you again for your working cooperation and appreciated assistance.

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  1. All you had to do is stop speeding bicyclists extremist from mowing people down. Normal bicycling should be allowed on the bike path, just not speeding bike extremist.

  2. Susan, thank you for your comments. We sincerely appreciated the feedback. Please know that Cypress Park is always welcome to attend. I will add you to the NW outreach list and if you know any other Cypress Park residents who wish to be included, we will gladly do so.

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