Courtesy is the Word for Elysian Valley Section of LA River Path

LACBC has learned that an elderly resident of Elysian Valley was recently injured in a collision with a bicyclist on the Elysian Valley section of the LA River Path. We’re told that the resident was walking on the path (as many residents who live in the area have done for years) and that she suffered a broken arm. We’re also told the bicyclist suffered some injuries, though not as serious. We’d like to remind everyone that courtesy is key on paths, especially the LA River Path in Elysian Valley, which is used regularly by senior citizens and children from the adjacent neighborhood. A few important tips when riding any path:

Be courteous of all path users, regardless of their mode of travel.
Slow down and be extra cautious whenever young children or the elderly are present.
Pass on the left and give an audible signal (say “passing on your left” or ring your bell).
Ride predictably and verbalize your intentions to turn, slow, or stop to those around you.

Colin Bogart

Education Director, LCI #2240

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

634 S. Spring St. #821, Los Angeles CA 90014

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  1. Watch for the young and the old? What about those inbetween?

    And, passing is not necessary. Walkers are to stay on one side of the line and bicyclists on the other. Obviously the poster does not know the rules. And, no bells please. You should not have to shout out anything. If bicyclists are not speeding they can easily adjust which direction to go or stop.

    The problem is with outside bicyclists extremist that speed down the river path mowing down anyone and anything in site. They have no consideration for local residents or for walkers or for slow bicyclists.

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