Alert! Telephone Scam in Elysian Valley – Targets Spanish speaking families

Dear Elysian Valley Neighbors,

There are reports of Elysian Valley residences falling victim to telephone scams.  The calls are coming from 331-923-3579.  In general be caution of any telephone number starting with the area code 331.  Do not answer the phone from a caller with the area code 331; let them leave a message. Be cautions because they may attempt calling you several times.

If you are not absolutely sure of a caller’s identity please do not volunteer any information.

Scam Description:

The scam is a simple phone call from a person that claims to be a relative or friend who is out-of-town.  They will attempt to get information about when you are home by asking when would be a good time to visit.  They will also gain your trust by trying to hold an average conversation with small talk.  Take the time to fully know who you are speaking with before continuing the conversation.  At any time, if you feel as if you don’t know who you are speaking with, hang up the phone. You do not have to be polite.

They may also present an urgent problem that requires some amount of money to resolve the issue.  The callers may also use several call attempts to build up a complex story and gain your confidence.  There are no situations that require the immediate release of any money or information to resolve. Hang up the phone at any moment that you feel uncomfortable.

Resolution/ Action required:

Please report these calls to the LAPD Northeast Station: (323) 344-5708

Please report these calls to Elysian Valley’s Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan: (213) 793-0760 email: 

You may also report the crime to the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch:

Take the time and tell a neighbor and don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity on your block to the Northeast Station or to our Senior Lead officer Gina Chovan.  They are here to serve and protect the residences of Elysian Valley (and Los Angeles).

Building a strong network of communication and trust is our biggest strength and tool for reducing criminal activity.


Additional Information

Online resource confirming the telephone number is from an unreliable source:

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