EVNW meeting minutes 3/13/2014

Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch
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Dear Neighbor & Area Stakeholder:

Please find the below summary minutes from our NW meeting of last night and other Elysian Valley news.

LAPD Report-SLO Gina Chovan [3/12/14]

· New Supervisor

Gina, introduced her new supervisor Sergeant Roberto Alaniz who can be reached at 323-344-5712, 23529@lapd.lacity.org . He made mention of his desire to free the SLO from private events and rededicate them back to community policing. He invited attendees to reach out to him with any concerns or improvement suggestions.

· Gang Injunction Update

Gina reported that the gang injunction has cleared all legal hurdles and is now a tool at the ready disposal of LAPD. For your easy reference please find the below gang injunction summary from the District Attorney’s office-offered at our last Aug. 2013 meeting:

-Arturo Martinez – Asst. Supervisor
-Veronica De Alba- Deputy City Attorney

Arturo and Veronica summarized the proposed gang injunction to combat gang activity in Elysian Valley, Echo Park and Portions of Silver Lake. If approved, it would prohibit about 300 gang members from associating with each other in public, possessing firearms and narcotics as well as intimidating or harassing residents within a nearly four-square-mile “safety zone”.

It is one more tool to assist LAPD combat crime, “keep people safe” and restore quality of life for all
Is not an arbitrary tool without checks and balances
Subjects the City Attorney’s office to a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard to serve injunction notice
Incudes a low-level option to deal with non-violent offenders
Includes an exit/removal option
Is independent of “Cal Gangs” a statewide data base

· Area Graffiti & Reporting

We continue to experience graffiti vandalism. Please report any graffiti toOfcr M. Beall #32430 and Ofcr E. Martinez #38054Northeast Area Patrol @ 32430@lapd.lacity.org; 38054@lapd.lacity.org Officer Chovan recommends taking pictures of the graffiti and emailing Officer Beall.

Call 311 for clean-up. Graffiti can also be reported via web address http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm. For graffiti on the pedestrian/bike path, please report same to LA-River Corps for clean-up at the following e-mail contacts: igarcia@lacorps.org; ymcorona@lacorps.org

Crime Stats – 2/12~3/11/13 (delivered by David)
Vehicle Break-In/Theft
Date: 3/9/2014 6:00 PM
Location: 1500 BLAKE AV
Description: THEFT FROM VEHICLE – GRAND ($950.01 & over)
Motor Vehicle Theft
Date: 3/9/2014 11:30 AM
Location: 2500 RIVERSIDE DR
Description: VEHICLE, STOLEN
Vehicle Break-In/Theft
Date: 3/6/2014 8:45 AM
Location: 2900 KNOX AV
Description: THEFT FROM VEHICLE – PETTY ($950 & under)
Vehicle Break-In/Theft
Date: 2/27/2014 3:45 PM
Location: 2200 RIVERSIDE DR
Vehicle Break-In/Theft
Date: 2/26/2014 12:01 AM
Date: 2/21/2014 12:25 PM
Description: ROBBERY (taking property of another by means of force or fear)
You’ll note that area crime is largely vehicle related. Please use common sense and lock your vehicle and keep pricy belongings out of site.
Council Office-CD13-Report (Adam Bass)-Did not attend

Adam-delivered the below written report via email:

· Street light

“I have bad news about the Street light project. Councilmember O’Farrell requested CDBG funding for Phase IV of this project, but Mayor Garcetti’s team decided not to fund any street light improvement projects as part of this year’s CDBG funding requests. Councilmember O’Farrell will once again prioritize the project in next year’s CDBG funding requests.”

It is disappointing to have this outcome on the No. 1 priority issue to Elysian Valley residents. It is especially troubling given the two (2) key players familiarity with Elysian Valley needs: 1. Mayor Garcetti (former Councilmember to EV) and 2. Mitch O’Farrell (current Councilmember to EV).

E-mail/call the Mayor and Mitch and let them know you want street lights now.
Mayor Eric Garcetti mayor.garcetti@lacity.org, 213.978.600
CD-13 Councilman Mitch O’Farrell councilmember.ofarrell@lacity.org, 213-473-7013
Adam G. Bass, Elysian Valley Field Deputy adam.bass@lacity.org, 323.957.4500

Pedestrian/bike path

The LA River Pedestrian/Bike path “thermo plastic rumble strips” at Riverdale installation had to be re-scheduled do to rain. It should be installed in March, and when I have a specific date, I’ll let you know.

Dallas St. Improvement

We are in agreement – Dallas Street entrance is far from ideal. It is an “improved” entrance though. It requires work, and you’ve received CD13’s commitment that when the current project there is “closed” by the Bureau of Engineering – and we’re aggressively pushing to get that done – we’ll immediately start work on identifying a plan forward to improve this entrance further.

But, again, you have CD13’s commitment that this Dallas Street entrance is a priority – but we have to get MRCA to close their current project there before anything further can be done at the site.


LA County Sheriff Candidate Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers, Assistant Sheriff for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, is a candidate for LA County Sheriff. Rogers is a 29-year veteran of the sheriff’s department – for six years he served as captain of the Carson Sheriff’s Station. The good sheriff highlighted his accomplishments at our NW meeting last night and made a case for why he should be the next Sheriff. He placed great emphasis on necessary reform (already underway), community policing, accountability and getting back to core Dept. basics. For additional information visit http://www.rogers4sheriff.com The NW thanks the good Sheriff for his attendance and wishes him well in his candidacy.

Dorris Place Elementary School Music Program

Something wondrous has come out of the new Dorris Place music program. The L.A. Philharmonic’s Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA), run by Gustavo Dudamel, heard about the new instrumental music program at Dorris Place and offered 5 of 80 seats to 5 Dorris Place 4th graders!

The YOLA project consists of 80 fourth grade students in the entire Los Angeles area selected to become members of a student orchestra led by YOLA instructors. It is comprised of a rigorous after school program consisting of 12-15 hours a week at the Cal State L.A. campus in partnership with the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. After school tutoring takes place during the first third of each day upon arrival from the students’ regular school day along with ensemble practice, private string lessons, and a free instrument for the student. This program takes these 80 fourth graders all the way through their 12th grade year, creating high school magnate possibilities and numerous college scholarship opportunities.

Said Blaire Lennane, Founder/President of Partners of Dorris, (POD), “We did not in our wildest dreams believe that the music program we built would lead to an opportunity of this scale for the students of Elysian Valley this soon, but it has. We cannot properly express in words our gratitude to everyone in this community who has supported it.”

The NW congratulates Blaire, Pricipal Susan Grant and the entire Dorris PL team for this monumental accomplishment in favor of EV students.

Free, beginner’s Tae Kwon Do class


Join me this Sunday, March 16th for a free, beginner’s Tae Kwon Do class.

Marsh Park
2960 Marsh Street
10:00 – 11:30 AM

Wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. No shoes or experience required. Feel free to invite others!



To get a better sense of my training, check out the TKD club I’ve been training with for the past 11 years. I enjoy teaching for both the mental and physical discipline, and care little for the commercial orientation characterized by many martial arts studios. My goal is to help you challenge your limits in an safe and encouraging environment. I find that the process of growth is mutual – I learn while I teach. We learn together as we train. As a result, I don’t charge for my classes.

The Elysian Restaurant (Clearwater/Ripple St.)
“We have been plotting to do a series at Elysian with the best cooks of Elysian Valley. The idea is to have a handful of residents develop their recipes and then serve them here. We will work on doing PR and outreach in the neighborhood, because this will be a neighborhood driven and focused series of dinners.”
The NW invites the Elysian Valley grandmothers, moms and daughters and of course any EV males with kitchen talents to search your recipes and ready for this wonderful opportunity. Stay tuned for details to come.
LA River Colonnade Proposal

I appreciate if you have chance that you mention the river colonnade project as an alternative to the landbridge. If our starts to align around the River Colonnade we stand to gain an amazing public space and possibly long terms community center. NELA thought enough of the idea to award it an honorable mention.




Scholarship Opportunity

The De La Torre family in memory of their beloved Godson Miguel Angel Robles provides annual scholarships to undergraduate Latino/Latina students who have been accepted to and/or are already attending college, who are in good standing, demonstrate an unmet financial need, and show active involvement and leadership through community extracurricular activities. The scholarship amount is $500.00 (see attached application).
Nestle USA Opportunities for Graduating Students
Please see the attached flyer regarding upcoming recruiting event for future leaders at Nestle USA. Please share with your network and anyone that may be interested.

Make the Most Out of Your Tax Refund!
Lazate Rewards You when You Save

[click to print]

The future is in your hands! Lanzate is a unique and great way to save money on the monthly basis. Each time you make a deposit into your matched savings account, ELACC will reward you towards your financial goals. Accounts are limited! To open an account, call (323) 604-1973 or email CommunityWealth@elacc.org

Thank you United Way!

ELACC’s VITA team would like to thank United Way for making sure our volunteers enjoy delicious snacks, beverages, and lunches during the tax-season! Their support goes a long way in ensuring free tax-preparation, financial stability, and asset building in the Eastside.

Free Financial Literacy Workshops!

Consumer Loans (in Spanish)
Thought about getting a loan but wish to learn more about the basics on borrowing money? We can help you get a better understanding on loans! By the end of this workshop you will learn how to differentiate between loan products, the cost of borrowing, your consumer rights, and how lenders consider loan applications.
March 13th, 2014 from 9-11am
Mendez High School – 1200 Plaza del Sol, Los Angeles 90033
Contact: (323) 604-1973 or email CommunityWealth@elacc.org

Homeownership (in Spanish)
Interested in learning the essentials of buying and owning a home, but not sure where to start or whom to trust? Then this is the workshop for you! In only 90 minutes you will be provided with the tools and information needed to better manage your money, improve your credit, understand the process of buying a home, and access government programs that can help reach your goal! Space is limited!
March 20th, 2014 from 9-11am
Mendez High School – 1200 Plaza del Sol, Los Angeles 90033
Contact: (323) 604-1973 or email CommunityWealth@elacc.org

Income Taxes (in Spanish)
March 27th, 2014 from 9-11am
Mendez High School – 1200 Plaza del Sol, Los Angeles 90033
Contact: (323) 604-1973 or email CommunityWealth@elacc.org

Upcoming Workshops…

Saturday, March 15 @ 9am to 3:30pm (Spanish)
Saturday, March 22 @ 9am to 3:30pm (English)

Thought about buying a home, but not sure where to start? East LA Community Corporation (ELACC) is here to help! ELACC is a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency that helps families and individuals achieve and sustain their goal of homeownership. Through in-depth education participants are provided the necessary tools and knowledge needed to reach your goals! Space is limited! $20 fee.
To RSVP and Locations contact (323) 604-1973 or email CommunityWealth@elacc.org

Free Foreclosure Prevention Clinic

Interested in receiving legal advice from an expert familiar with foreclosure prevention? The purpose of this clinic is to show you the importance of better understanding your rights as a homeowner, how to avoid scams, and how to receive assistance from a housing counselor. You will also have the opportunity to speak to an attorney about your personal case!

Tuesday, March 25 @ 5pm to 8pm
For reservations, contact (323) 604-1973 or email CommunityWealth@elacc.org
Important Contact Resource Guide

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell
Los Angeles City Council, District 13
City Hall
Adam G. Bass
Elysian Valley Field Deputy
District Office
5500 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
323.957.4500 – office
Councilman Mitch O’Farrell
Los Angeles City Council, District 13
Capt. Jeffrey Bert – 33112@lapd.lacity.org – Northeast Police Dept. (San Fernando Rd.)
911 – All Emergencies
213.793.0760 – 30347@lapd.lacity.org – SLO Gina Chovan
323..344.5754 or 323.344.5726 – Gang Unit
323.344.5739 – Vice Unit
213.847.9722 – Narcotics Unit
323.344.5712 – Community Relations
Ofcr M. Beall #32430 and Ofcr E. Martinez #38054
Northeast Area Patrol
Graffiti can also be reported via web address http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm. You may also call 311 for graffiti, abandoned vehicles, trash and other services
Resident wishing to report Parking Violations can do so at (213) 485-4184 (24 hrs). If you do not get a response, contact (323) 224-6565 (M-F 8:4:30 PM) and request to speak with a sergeant or lieutenant.
California State Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez
District Office: 1910 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 810, LA, CA 90026 (213)483-5151, -5166/fax
Capitol Office: P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0051 (916) 319-2051, -2151/fax
The Assemblymember is commitment to work with EV residents to identify their needs and assist in areas including but not limited to education, healthcare, environment, technology.
The City automated permit process can be found @: http://bsspermits.lacity.org/