Pedestrian Bridge linking Cypress Park to Elysian Valley


On January 12, 2014, at the Elysian Valley Recreation Center,  there was an unveiling of a design for a pedestrian bridge linking Cypress park to Elysian Valley.  The design presented was a solution derived by the City’s Bureau of Engineering requirements that were executed by culver city based architects SPF:a.  There was no opportunity for the community to be part of this process and the EVNW is providing access to the presentation with the hopes that Cypress Park and Elysian Valley stakeholders will unite and contribute to the design.  As designed this bridge does not reflect any community input and it is another project, along the LA River, that will affect both neighborhoods for years to come.  Please be aware of the fact that there will be more meetings about the bridge and take the time to review the presentation and educate yourself on the developments in CD-13.