EVNW Meeting Minutes – December 11th, 2013


  • Neighborhood Crime Report (SLO. Gina Chovan)
  • ·         Crime Map, trends & statistics

Gina, reported five crimes in Elysian Valley from 11-10-13- to 12/10/13.

1.       One (1) Robbery-stemming from neighborhood party conflict

2.       Four (4) auto related Burglary/Theft

Gina made mention of two youth programs available at the Northeast station on San Fernando Rd.

  • ·         Youth Cadet Program
  • ·         Boxing Program

If interested, contact Gina at 213.793.0760 or via email: 30347@lapd.lacity.org

  • ·         North Coolidge Marijuana Dispensary Update

Gina, reported the dispensary to be in legal compliance and owners planning to make contact with community representatives in due time.  Gina  distributed a Proposition D summary handout from the City Attorney’s Office. The NW reiterates its opposition to this type business in EV, legal or otherwise.

Proposition D does not provide  any protection from prosecution under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits the possession, use and sale of marijuana for all purposes without any exception for medical marijuana.

  • ·         Gang Injunction Update

SLO reported several failed challenges in court and anticipates having enforcement authority at the start of the New Year.

  • ·         Home Burglary Update (Elmgrove St.)

Nothing new reported by SLO.  The NW having previously passed anonymous information received from eyewitness.

  • CD-13 Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell Report  (Adam Bass)
    • LA River Pedestrian/Bike path corrective measures update (including renaming space and speed control)
    • North Coolidge Marijuana Dispensary Update
    • Sidewalk/Tree maintenance policy & update
    • EV Sewer renewal update
    • Traffic Study/improvement update
    • Dallas St. improvement update
    • Gilroy/Ripple ST. 4-way stop update
    • Riverside Dr./Gilroy St. Medium EV branding landmark update
    • Street lights update

See Attached Summary Communication from Adam Bass (Not able to attend)

  • Mr. Roberto Coto (Guest Speaker)

East LA Community Corporation

Mr. Coto presented the various community benefit workshops offered:

  • ·         Free Tax Preparation for qualifying families earning under $51,000 in 2013

You can sign-up via email at freetaxes@elacc.org or via telephone 323.604.1950

  • ·         Credit assistance for all (including college students)
  • ·         First Time Home-Buyer
  • ·         Home Foreclosure Assistance

The EVNW thanks Mr. Coto and looks forward to working with him to bring the above workshops to EV resident in the coming year (2014)….(See attachment)!

  • Elizabeth Gallardo (Guest Speaker) LA DOT-BFBD – Bicycle Friendly Business District program

Elizabeth offered a power-point presentation outlining the program and the many community benefits (see attached). The EVNW thanks Elizabeth and looks forward to working closely with her to see this project realized in EV.

  • Bob’s EV Holiday Photo Studio @ Corner of Blake and Newell St.

Neighbor Bob Berg spoke about his Holiday Studio gift to the community.  Get professional quality family portraits for a $10 donation to your favorite EV Charity.  For appointment email Bob at robertberg@earthlink.net or via text at 323-806-2758 .

Bring a USB drive (aka jump drive, thumb drive) with at least 2 Gb of available space.  At the end of your photo session, we will copy your photographs on to your USB drive and give it back to you.  You can take it to any convenient photo center such as CVS on Glendale Boulevard, Target, or Costco.  There, you can select and edit the images of your choice.

  • NELA Presentation (Mr. Benjamin Feldmann)

The Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative (NELA RC) invited our participation in a community workshop to identify sites and discuss future design opportunities for Elysian Valley. The information gathered will feed into a city-sponsored NELA Riverfront District Vision Plan and Economic Development Implementation Strategy document. The workshops are a chance for community members to weigh in on how they want to imagine the future of the NELA river and neighborhoods. Their next meeting is tomorrow.

When: Saturday, December 14th

Where: Irving Magnet School, 3010 Estara Ave. Los Angeles 90065

Time: 11:00 am



The NW thanks Ben and his team for the information presented and the opportunity afforded EV residents to have their voices heard.

Thank you to the many in attendance. Remember to report all criminal activity to Police as no report=No crime, which in turn equals no LAPD resources to EV.