Affordable Health Insurance Through Covered California meeting minutes 10/24/2013

Affordable Health Insurance Through Covered California (New Healthcare Law) Information Meeting Minutes (10/24/13)

Dear Neighbor & Area Stakeholder:

Please find the following summary minutes from last night’s meeting on the Affordable Health Insurance Law through Covered California.

The workshop was led by Dickerson Employee Benefits VP (Mr. Michael Wolff). Covered California is the State Exchange/marketplace set-up to offer the Federal Mandated affordable insurance to individuals, families & businesses. Because it is State run, California is not experiencing the enrollment problems facing the online Federal enrollment website. The open enrollment period is now and people should enroll without delay to enjoy affordable coverage, avoid delays, and potential minimum penalties.

It was made clear that the New Law does not impact people already enrolled in Medicare and/or Medical insurance or already insured. Applicants must be legal State residents not having affordable health insurance through a job. Said applicants can qualify for free or low-cost health plan, or for financial help that can lower the cost of premiums and co-pays. The amount of financial help is based on household size and family income. Applicants qualify if their income meets the income limits.

Covered California offers four groups of private health insurance plans: Platinum, gold, silver and bronze, each having difference levels of coverage from low-high. People meeting minimum poverty income may qualify for Medical (free coverage).

Michael communicated the commitment Dickerson Employee Benefits has to assisting the Elysian Valley community and made available Mr. Peter Ortega (individual specialist) to assist residents verify eligibility and apply. Application are on hand at the Dickerson facility and can be picked-up in person. Residents are encouraged to reach out to Mr. Ortega and schedule an appointment for a one-on-one free consultation. He can be reached at 323.662.7200 ex:225, While residents are free to apply via all available channels, I strongly recommend taking advantage of doing so via the Dickerson, whose business resides in our neighborhood (see attached). I too invite the business community herein copy to look to Dickerson for their employee benefit needs.

The EVNW thanks Michael Wolff and the entire Dickerson Group for making available this resource to the Elysian Valley community and for being a great neighbor.

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  1. Not true. The law effects people with health insurance because many health insurance plans are being cancelled by insurance companies. The insurance companies can not afford to offer the same plans under the new rules at the same cost.

    This opens up opportunities for insurance agents to sell more health insurance. And, it forces people to get health insurance if they want it or not or be fined. Many middle income people will not qualify for any federal subsidy and will not be able to afford Obamacare. The middle income are the ones that are hurt the most by Obamacare. And the young that are forced to have health insurance at a time they do not need it. The young are forced into Obamacare in order to support those with pre-existing conditions and the old and the poor. Someone has to pay for those perks. It will be paid for on the backs of the middle class. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Those that think Obamacare is free are simply WRONG!! Taxpayers are paying for it. And, some taxpayers can not afford to pay for others health insurance when they can not even afford it for themselves.

    There is no free lunch. Taxpayers pay for Medi-Cal (free welfare health insurance) and the subsidies.

  2. Susan, thank you for your feedback. Just to clarify, the comment that the new law does not affect those already enrolled in Medicare, Medical or already insured was intended to appease concerned residents who were unsure if there was any action/reaction necessary on their part to Obamacare. There is no disagreeing with the valid, well informed and articulated points you make.

  3. David, thanks for stating the truth. Are you or any of those at the meeting licensed insurance agents? Just wondering.

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