EVNW Meeting Minutes 10/9/2013

Please find the below minutes for your perusal from our NW meeting of this past Wednesday-10/9/13.  We encourage you to visit our website (evnw.wordpress.com) for additional information. You can also reach us via email at (evnw.90039@gmail.com).

  • LAPD Report- SLO Gina Chovan
    • Crime report/ map review

Gina, discussed the above map and highlighted that area crimes are largely limited to home and vehicle burglaries.  Reported home burglaries occurred on Dorris Pl St.  and Altman St.  The Dorris Pl St. burglary occurring at or near 2 AM-the burglar having been pepper sprayed by the home owner in his living room.  The suspect (s) remains at large as does the Altman street culprit(s).   Residents were reminded to stay vigilant, lock all doors and windows at home and in their cars and to not leave valuables in plain sight.   David invited residents to report any suspicious activity to 911 or the LAPD North East Station (323) 344-5712 and to err on the side of safety.  Better to report suspicious activity than to not report it at all.  

    • Gang Injunction

Gina commented that the newly passed gang injunction is a welcomed added tool to LAPD.

    • Dorris Pl Elementary School Lockdown

Our SL O reported that the incident was a result of road rage and did not go beyond vehicle vandalism.   A guy in a bike taking a “machete” to the other person’s vehicle tires.

    • LA River Enforcement

Gina, reassured residents that she is active on the LA River and encouraged resident to continue to report any suspicious activity to her.  She made mention of having personally addressed individual parties.

    • One-on-One time with residents

Residents were afforded the opportunity to address one-one issues with Gina in private.

Lastly, Gina invited attendees to the upcoming Annual Open House and Resource Fair at the San Fernando Station (3353 San Fernando Road, LA, CA 90065) on Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 10-3 PM.   Safe family fun, food, tours and information for all!

  • Mitch O’ Farrell Report- LA-CD13

From:  Adam Bass, Field Deputy, adam.bass@lacity.org323.957.4500

  • ·         Issue:  LA River Path Street Signs
  • ·         Status:  LADOT is planning to install street signs on the river path at all of the streets where there is public access.  This is not a perfect solution, but a huge step forward in helping people identify their location when on the path.  It will greatly improve public safety concerns.
  • ·         Issue:  Pigeon Droppings at underpasses.
  • ·         Status:  This is an ongoing problem.  We’ve asked Caltrans and Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez’s office to look at a long-term solution, but in the short term we’ve determined that city agencies are not authorized to clean the area, but are exploring the private contractors who are capable of doing this cleaning.
  • ·         Issue:  Gilroy/Ripple 4-way stop
  • ·         Status:  We are still awaiting a study and report from LADOT.  It has been submitted for review.
  • ·         Issue:  Bus Shelters for Riverside Drive
  • ·         Status:  There are shelters that are no longer being used on Virgil.  CD13 is looking in to how many of these are available for relocation, and trying to identify the resources to make the move.
  • ·         Issue:  Riverside/Figueroa Bridge
  • ·         Status:  This is in CD1, but our Planning Department understands the widespread public support of the repurposing of the bridge, and will work with CD1 as needed to ensure the input and interests of the public are key in any decisions on the future of this bridge.
  • ·         Issue:  Riverside Drive Elysian Valley sign
  • ·         Status:  EVRNC is taking the lead on designing the sign, and CD13 is looking at improving the median and identifying funding to incorporate a sign with that beautification work.  The next
  • ·         step includes an EVRNC design contest, and their proposal to CD13, along with estimates based on what type of sign is designed.
  • ·         Issue:  Dallas Street Entrance
  • ·         Status:  We are exploring funding options to improve this entrance, but currently all improvements have been made.  CD13 understands this is a community priority, and will consider it for improvement based on that community interest.  However, there is no other update at this time.
  • ·         Issue:  Marsh Street Park
  • ·         Status:  A community meeting will be held on October 29, 2013 at Dickerson Employee Benefits with MRCA to address anticipated issues and suggest ideas to MRCA about how to operate the park that ensures safety for the neighbors located immediately next to the property.  The meeting is primarily for residents on Marsh, Rosanna and Gleneden, but anyone with a vested interest is welcome.
  • ·         Issue:  River Lights
  • ·         Status:  Since last month, the lights that were still broken have since been repaired.
  • ·         Adam alerted the community to an upcoming area clean-up/beautification day on Riverside Dr. to commemorate the 100 days of Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell in office.  There will be food and drinks and all are invited.  Stay tuned for date and time.
  • ·         LA River Pedestrian/Bike Path

Jed brought attention to the continued need for improved safety measures on the path.  And Adam was requested to deliver back this need to Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell.  Attendees were reminded of the historical pedestrian use of the path and the tragedy of many having abandoned their daily walks for fear of injury from speeding cyclist.

  • ·         Riverside Dr./Figueroa Bridge

Adam, informed attendees that this project falls under the jurisdiction of CD1 (Councilmember Gil Cedillo).  Residents were requested to contact his office @ conrado.terrazas@lacity.org with any related concerns. We requested of Adam that the two office communicate on this project related issues at it is impacting both communities.  Note the below communication evidencing the on going collaboration between the two offices.

From: Adam Bass [mailto:adam.bass@lacity.org]
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 4:50 PM
To: Conrado Terrazas
Cc: David Delatorre; Marisol Salguero
Subject: Fwd: Please assist correcting Safety hazard on Riverside Dr/Figueroa St. bridge pass.


I hope you’re doing well.

We got this concern from a very active constituent who heads up the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch.  The construction project falls inside of CD1 however, so I’m  hoping someone in your office can talk to your LADOT contact and get the construction company to do a better job of securing the metal plates at this site.

Thanks!  Have a great weekend.


Adam G. Bass

Field Deputy – Echo Park, Elysian Valley, and Glassell Park

323.957.4500 – office

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell

Los Angeles City Council, District 13

There is an effort to save the old bridge from demolition and make it an active recreation park space. Visit our website (evnw.wordress.com) to see a rendition of the bridge and offer your opinion.  I favor saving the bridge for this alternate use.

  • Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control (Ms. Truc Dever & Mark Daniel)- 5 minutes

Ms. T. Dever and M. Daniel delivered valuable information to attendees and offered updates on their on site visit to the EV-La River water front.  This in response to resident concerns relating to bug/fly/insect infestation from stagnant water.  They mentioned having found nothing too alarming but too mentioned treatment to both above water and under ground havens for insect breeding.  They reassured residents that they are active in EV and are at our service for both LA-River and house bug-assessment issues.  They made clear that their services are paid by residential taxes and that while they bear the LA County name their work is independent of the County.  The EVNW thanks them for their valuable assistance, participation and information.  For more information and service note the following contact information:

Truc Dever

Director of Community Affairs

Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District

12545 Florence Ave.

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

office: 562-944-9656 x510

cell: 562-244-2648

fax: 562-944-7976



  • Los Angeles Community Garden/DWP Water Saving Workshop for home & garden-15 min.

Ms. Irma Garcia of the LACGC offered an information water saving workshop with emphasis on community gardens (see attached resource guide).

  • California State Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez Report (Ms. Stephanie Wong-213.483.5151)

Stephanie communicated her active role in assisting the correction of the Riverside Dr. /Stadium Way 5 FWY Underpass (pigeon nesting).  She too invited resident to the upcoming (FREE)-HEALTH & COMMUNITY FAIR on Sat. Oct. 19, 2013 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. @ Burbank Middle School in Highland Park 6460 N. Figueroa St. , Los Angeles, CA 90042.  Stephanie also delivered information on available Free Flu shots (see attached).

  • Friends of The La River Report (Ms. Karin Flores)

Karen announced an upcoming meeting on The Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study released by the US Army Corps of Engineers on Sept. 13, 2013.  The meeting will be on Oct. 17, 2013 @ 5:30 PM at the LA River Center and Gardens (570 W. Ave. 26, LA 90065).  With a billion dollar expenditure proposal having direct affect in EV, resident are encourage to attend.

She also alerted attendees to public meeting on Oct. 24, 2013 from 6-8 PM at Dorris Pl Elementary School (2225 Dorris Pl, LA 9001).  The meeting seeks public comment on the Taylor Yard parcel G clean-up effort from soil contamination by the freight train operation (see attached).

  • Misc. Issues-Updates:
    • Surveillance Camera Update

Continue to review opportunities to install cameras at key residential/business locations.

    • 4-Way Stop Signs (knox & Shoredale)

Valuable traffic safety controls already in place for which we thank Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s office and his staff.

    • Beautification/Clean-up Day update (Jed Donaldson)

A huge success and in need of additional volunteers to have greater community impact.  The EVNW thanks the C-13 Council Office for facilitating a trash container and the volunteers who lend their men/women power, tools and vehicles to assist this effort.  Stay tuned for our next clean-up some time in Feb. 2014.

    • Frogtown Artwalk

Described by many and myself and the best yet ever!  Great community building opportunity, plenty of good/safe fun, music & art for all.  The EVNW congratulates the entire art collective team who make this annual event happen.   Already looking forward to the 2014 Frogtown Artwalk!

    • Metrolink Taylor Yard

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) draft and consultant agreement received from Patricia Bruno with Metrolink.  Metrolink has agreed to a 60-day review period followed by a meeting with the Working Group to seek your input on the scope of the HRA. They also agreed to a community meeting in January. City of Los Angeles Departments to review the HRA as well as motion introduced by Councilmembers Cedillo and O’Farrell.

    • Emergency Preparedness Information (Bob Berg)

Resident were reminded to not neglect this very important necessity.

    • Block Captains & Duties

Attendees were deputized block captains by David and warned that they will be called upon to assist with efforts on their respective block to better serve all EV residents.  Note the following campaign to be undertaken in collaboration with other neighborhood groups.

What: The Three in One Campaign


1)      To maximize our voice – Elysian Valley is one of the five neighborhoods being targeted for innovative outreach as part of the federally funded Northeast LA Riverfront Collaborative. During the issue specific summer series of meetings, two of five which took place in EV, turnout by our neighborhood was the lowest. This fall, there will be an EV specific discussion and we need your help getting your neighbors to participate.

2)      To minimize displacement – We are becoming a more desirable place to live. Demand is high, supply is low. Therefore, the cost of living in Elysian Valley is increasing and many of our longtime residents may soon be priced out. We can be proactive by making a strong case for banks to provide responsible financial products for some renters interested in buying. Help us better understand the housing landscape of our community.

3)      To expand our reach – Our Neighborhood Watch mailing list is the most comprehensive in Elysian Valley, but it can reach many more of our neighbors. We are considering creating a more interactive website and sending out regular EV newsletters. Help us grow our list and these monthly meetings.


Sign up to be a block captain. Help us engage your neighbors on these issues. Commit to canvassing your block or your street. We will provide you with talking points and a short 2 minute survey.

If this is too much of a commitment, sign up to fill out the survey and recruit ONE neighbor.


At your convenience. Ideally, we would love for you to reach out to your neighborhoods within a two week period.


Sign up on this sheet or email me (additional info and materials to follow). Non-English speakers are warmly welcomed. Helen Leung, a native Elysian Valley resident with urban planning sensibilities will be spearheading this effort. She will be in touch and is looking for volunteers interested in helping out. We promise a good time and a home cooked Chinese feast!



    • Café Organico Pop-Up alongside the LA River

Opening every two weeks on weekends (Sat./Sun 7am-1pm).  For more information facebook: 24.7 River Café

2806 Clearwater St. Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 522-6625

If you have not yet experience this oasis in EV’s backyard, I invite you to do so.

    • Health Care Reform Act (AKA Obama Care Information Workshop @ Dickerson Employee Benefits)

I have received confirmation from Dickerson to host a New Health Care Reform information workshop on Thursday Oct. 24, 2013 @ 7 PM.  Please mark your calendar.  This is in response to your many inquiries for information on the New HRA.  We will have the following question covered:

  • ·         Who will be impacted?
  • ·         What are the Health Care Exchanges?
  • ·         What if you need help paying for health coverage?
  • ·         What will happen to you if on Medicare?
  • ·         How to buy health insurance step by step?
    • 1st Impressions Gymnasium in EV (3001 Gilroy St. LA, 90039)

Be aware of this Gym in our area offering Karate, Zumba and other activities for the entire family

    • Larry’s Market (small store on Blake Ave. (Meadowvale/Shoredale Ave.)

The store is officially closed and owners are considering alternate tenant with wholesome family neighborly appeal.  Owners are taking their time to decide what to do with the site but have made known that the “liquor store” model is gone for good.

    • Employment Opportunity (Valet Parking-see attached)
    • EV Business Association- stay tuned for more information

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has launched a new website, www.ladot.lacity.org, aimed at improving customer service and efficiency. MyLADOT features an easy to use customer interface which allows you to report a problem, map a location precisely, upload a photo, and track your case via text messaging.  You can also email to check on the status of your issue.

MyLADOT makes it easier than ever to notify LADOT of any problems you may encounter such as downed stop signs, flashing traffic signals, or to request improvements for your neighborhood such as the installation of red curbs or stop signs. Service requests can be made directly through the MyLADOT online service request system at myladot.lacity.org/sr by clicking the “I want to…” button.

For more information please visit www.ladot.lacity.org.

Public Legal Services Fair…
An exciting array of free legal and public services is coming to the LA Law Library. Booths will be providing free legal consultations with attorneys, referrals, community services, in formation regarding everything from consumer protection to lawyer referral services.  Other legal consultations will include: family law, government benefits, immigration, claims, domestic violence and much more.

Saturday, October 26
9:30 am – 5:30 pm

LA Law Library
301 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles

Advance registration is required for the free workshops including; Clearing criminal records, Juvenile ticket fines, citizen processing, and claiming unpaid wages.

Thank you for your attendance and attention to the aforementioned and for your role in improving Elysian Valley.  Remember to report all criminal activity as no report=No crime, which in turn equals no LAPD resources to EV.