EVNW Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2013

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

Please find the below neighborhood watch meeting minutes from Wed. Sept. 11, 2013.


  • A Minute of Silence in Remembrance of 9-11 Victims was observed.
  • Marsh St. Skate Park operating hours and improvements –Ms. Alina Bokde-Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust and Park supervisor Joel Jimenez were in attendance and reported the following:

o   The skate park is closed Monday’s

o   Opened Tuesday-Sunday from 12-7:30 PM-based on available funds for supervision

o   Are receptive to working with the community to outreach to both youth and parents in the community (utilizing both social media and neighborhood organizations (including local schools).

o   Identified the key improvement need to be a “flat bar” which kids just love and explains the appeal to hope over schools to make use of cafeteria benches as a flat bar.

o    Will explore with the community the idea of adding lights to the park and extended evening hours

o   Will submit a funding list, which includes a wish list of items (i.e., flat bar, extended supervision, etc.)

o   Will work with neighborhood groups to fundraise and market the Park ahead of their planned Nov. 16 anniversary celebration

Both Ms. Alina and Joel expressed appreciation for the opportunity to partner with the community to bring to fruition the above objectives and reiterate the importance of the park as a safe recreational place for our youth.  We will have a follow-up meeting at the Park site soliciting the input from our skating youth.  Stay tuned!

  • LAPD Crime Report (SLO Gina Chovan)

Gina, handed out a crime map showing “reported” criminal activity from Aug. 11-Sept. 07, 2013:

o   11 reported crimes (including burglary theft, robbery, larceny and family dispute)

o   Gina spoke about the ongoing theft of vehicle catalytic converters in EV and throughout Los Angeles. She invited residents to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious activity o LAPD.  Gina took a police report for this type theft in person and the NW thanks her for her proactive approach.

o   Gina too reported on her work with other groups  to bring necessary street sign markers to the LA/River pedestrian/bike path to assist emergency responders.  We have received confirmation from Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s office that 10 signs will be installed in the coming two (2) months.

o   Residents were reminded to make use of Gina’s attendance to address in person on a “one-to-one” basis any issues they did not wish to address publicly.  We thank Officer Chovan for making herself available to residents in this manner.

o   Attention was drawn to our SLO to include all of Elysian Valley on the crime map up to Fletcher Ave.  The current map cuts off at Ripple Pl.

o   Residents requested LAPD pay special attention to increased criminal activity at Clearwater St., which recently sustained gross vandalism to the Dutch mural.

  • Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell Report (Adam Bass)-Mr. Sylvan De La Cruz delivered said report in Adam’s Absence and the NW thanks him and the Council office for having Mr. De La Cruz in attendance.

1.      Phase IV Street lighting

·         “Will begin when we’ve secured CDBG funds.  CD13 will prioritize this request in the next round of CDBG funding requests.  We’re looking at a 2014 construction date, if everything runs smoothly.  This is a priority for CD13.”  Attendees were reminded to be ready to outreach with their neighbors in support of a yes vote, which will require an annual maintenance property tax assessment of approximately $6-7/week.  The NW too requested of Sylvan that he deliver our desire for CD-13 outreach ahead of vote going out to residents.

2.      Sewer odor surrounding Oros St./Duvall St. at the intersection of Blake Ave.

·         “Bureau of Sanitation initiated a project in Dec. 2012 to address the orders in the area.   The project will add new trap maintenance holes to 8-inch sewers on Barclay, Oros Duvall, Elmgrove and Fernleaf.  These sewers are connected to the 48-inch North Outfall Sewer (NOS) on Blake Ave.  The trap maintenance hole prevent the migration of sewer gases from the large diameter sewer to the local 8-inch sewers.  This devise works similar to p-traps you find in your home plumbing, which control sewer gas migration.  Design is 95% completed and construction is scheduled for April 2014.  In the meantime, Bureau of Sanitation is adding odor control chemicals to reduce the concentration of sewer gases along the NOS and sealing maintenance holes where added.” Steve Appleton (EVRNC) made mention of the eventual need for overall sewer improvement given the old system in place and the anticipated area growth.

3.      Private company that is stenciling street address numbers without prior residential approval.

·         These folks are non-authorized City contractors.  “Residents should not feel obligated to donate or pay any such contractor, and if anyone demands payment please notify our office [CD13], or in an emergency, the police.”  The NW suggests simply not patronizing this practice.  Simply put, if no one pays them, they won’t have an incentive to be back.

4.      Pedestrian/Bike hazard at the exit/entry point of the pedestrian/bike path on the East side of the neighborhood (Riverside Dr./Figueroa bridge)

·         This has been corrected and the NW thanks the Council Office for their quick attention.

5.      The below pedestrian/bike path light (north of the Hardwood St.) access point is both not working and has its mechanism exposed.  A second light north of Shoredale Ave. access point too remain inoperative.

·         “Wen inspected this week, all lights were working except two [above mentioned].  They have been listed for repair, and should be completed by the end of the month.”

6.      Loitering youth alongside the pedestrian/bike path with open displays of public drinking/smoking including camp like fires are also prevalent down (alongside) the River bed during evening/night hours.

·         Officer Chovan will increase patrol and make direct contact with target group.

7.       The Knox St. Park has a fence that runs alongside the pedestrian/bike path with only an approximate 8-10 foot entry/exit point.  Residents have suggested tearing down the fence so that it open up to the path in the same fashion that the Snake park space opens up on Marsh St.  This would both beautify the area and make it safer.

·         CD13 Office, MRCA and Neighborhood groups are working to bring about much needed improvement to this site, which may require some security fencing on Knox st.

8.      Four-way stop signs at Shoredale Ave./Blake  and Gilroy/Ripple St. Intersection

·         The Shoredale Ave. study is complete and approval/installation should follow soon.  The Gilroy/Ripple St. is under study as is the newly request received from Dallas St.

9.      Unfolding development plans at the old Bimbo site on Blake Ave., the Dolly Madison/Hostess location on Ripple and other key neighborhood locations.  We look to have Councilmember’s support in ensuring the EV stakeholders have a say in what ultimately gets built at these sites-bearing in mind the preservation of the neighborhood essence, traffic, environment and absence of basic services, etc.

·         CD13 Office is actively engaged with development throughout the District and is committed to responsible development that fully utilized the NC process to gather community input.  The Neighborhood Council will be putting out a survey to residents to solicit their area priorities focusing around area need (i.e. an improved sewer system, traffic, services-market, public library, recreation center, etc.).  Be ready to voice your opinion.

10.  LA River fishermen and the trash they leave behind

·         We found out from MRCA Ranger (James Lathium) that any current water activity including fishing requires licensing.  However, with the termination of the “recreational zone” (i.e., kayaking, fishing, etc.) the area has presently zero waterfront enforcement.  Officer Chovan has pledged to monitor this activity and address the target group directly.   The NW will look to install additional trash bins and explore further solutions.  Attendees too mentioned that some of the homeless encampments o the River have returned and are endangering the wildlife. We requested of Sylvan that CD-13 assist with identifying the enforcement authority and their subsequent engagement on these River issues.

o   Residents invited to assist with this clean-up which will start at 9AM and meet at the Rich St./Blake Ave site in front of the EV community garden.  Special clean-up attention will be given to the Newell/Queen St. alley.  The NW thanks CD-13 for their valuable assistance with this effort.  Refreshments, working gloves and trash bags to be available on site.   Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and plenty of sunscreen.

  • Call for news letter articles/ announcements: deadline Sept. 13th

o   Attendees were reminded to submit any newsworthy information by no later than today to be included in the NW Newsletter publication.

·         Frogtown Artwalk (Sept. 28 from 4-10 PM)-Volunteers need and Local Food Vendors are invited to participate.

  • Northeast LA Health Fair in Highland Park

Location: Burbank Middle School (6460 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042)

Date & Time: Saturday, October 19, 2013, from 10AM to 2PM

Elected Officials Co-Sponsoring with Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez: Congressman Xavier Becerra, State Sen. Kevin De León, Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar, LAUSD Board Member Bennett Kayser

The DEADLINE for informing our office of your participation is Friday, September 20, 2013, at NOON. I have attached a form for participation to this e-mail. Should you be unable to meet this deadline or have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, Stephanie Wong, at this e-mail or 213.483.5151.


The De La Torre family in memory of their beloved Godson Miguel Angel Robles provides annual scholarships to undergraduate Latino/Latina students who have been accepted to and/or are already attending college, who are in good standing, demonstrate an unmet financial need, and show active involvement and leadership through community extracurricular activities.  The scholarship amount is $500.00.

BEMA congratulates the following students receiving the 2013-2014 scholarship award:

  1. Ms. Diana L. Virgen –Nursing School Freshman/Mount St. Mary’s College – Elysian Valley Resident
  2. Mr. Enrique Polanco – Civil Engineering Sophomore/California State University Long Beach- Hesperia, CA resident
  3. Ms. Lorena Albarran – Business Administration Freshman/Cal State Los Angeles –Glassell Park Resident
  4. Ms. Mariana Lizbeth Ruelas – Family & Child Development Freshman/El Camino College – Wilmington, CA resident
  5. Mr. Marco Saravia – Studio Art Junior/El Camino College- South Los Angeles resident
  • One on one time with Senior  Lead O. Gina Chovan –LAPD

·         Misc. Items:

o   LA River 1st Pop-Up Cafe

o   Yoga at the Garden –Elysian Valley Community Garden on Rich/Blake St. (8:30 -10:00 AM)

o   All levels welcomed

o   Area Safety Survey-

o   residents were reminded to fill out the survey and let their voices be heard.

o   LA River Bug Problem

o   A technician will be out to inspect the riverbed by Friday.  And they will call following their inspection…. Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District

Always remember to call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency.

Thank you to the many in attendance and the many who are helping make Elysian Valley a safer place for all stakeholders.  Keep making us aware of the most pressing issues of concern and visit our website for additional information and outreach.