#LARiver Draft Integrated Feasibility Report. Read the details to see how #elysianvalley will be affected.


(make sure to click on the attachments – see ‘Appendix A, section 4.2.10 Cross-Section 6a, Sub-Reach 6 – Glendale Freeway to Interstate 5, page 44)

A Crucial Decision for the LA River!

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will present the

Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration

Integrated Feasibility Report

in an official public meeting on

Thursday, October 17 from 5:30-7:30PM

at Los Angeles River Center & Gardens (Atrium)

570 W. Avenue 26, Los Angeles 90065

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles, announces the availability of a Draft Integrated Feasibility Report, which includes a Draft Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report for the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Study, Los Angeles County, Calif., for review and comment.  The Draft IFR is available for a 45-day review period from Sept. 20 through Nov. 5, 2013.
The study evaluates alternatives for the purpose of restoring 11 miles of the Los Angeles River from approximately Griffith Park to downtown Los Angeles, while maintaining existing levels of flood risk management.  Restoration measures considered include creation and reestablishment of historic riparian strand and freshwater marsh habitat to support increased populations of wildlife and enhance habitat connectivity within the study area, as well as to provide opportunities for connectivity to ecological zones, such as the Santa Monica Mountains, Verdugo Hills, Elysian Hills, and San Gabriel Mountains.  Restoration includes the reintroduction of ecological and physical processes, such as a more natural hydrologic and hydraulic regime that reconnects the river to historic floodplains and tributaries, reduced flow velocities, increased infiltration, improved natural sediment processes, and improved water quality.  The study also evaluates opportunities for passive recreation that is compatible with the restored environment.

Written comments may be directed to: Josephine R. Axt, Ph.D., Chief, Planning Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, P.O. Box 532711, ATTN: Ms. Erin Jones, CESPL-PD-RN, Los Angeles, CA 90053-2325 OR comments.lariverstudy@usace.army.mil.

For further information contact:  Ms. Kathleen Bergmann, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, Kathleen.M.Bergmann@usace.army.mil, 602-230-6904 and Ms. Erin Jones, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, Erin.L.Jones@usace.army.mil, 213-300-9723.

KCET DEPARTURES news article on the study.


Please submit written comments by November 18, 2013 to:


Josephine R. Axt, Ph.D.; Chief, Planning Division;

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Los Angeles District

P.O. Box 532711;

ATTN: Ms. Erin Jones, CESPL-PD-RN;

Los Angeles, CA 90053-2325

or via email at:


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