EVNW Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2013

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

Please find the below meeting minutes from our NW Meeting of last night.


  • City Attorney- Mike Feuer-Unable to attend

-Arturo Martinez – Asst. Supervisor (in attendance)

-Veronica De Alba- Deputy City Attorney (in attendance)

Arturo and Veronica summarized the proposed gang injunction to combat gang activity in Elysian Valley, Echo Park and Portions of Silver Lake.  If approved, it would prohibit about 300 gang members from associating with each other in public, possessing firearms and narcotics as well as intimidating or harassing residents within a nearly four-square-mile “safety zone”.

  • ·         It is one more  tool to assist LAPD combat crime, “keep people safe”  and restore quality of life for all
  • ·         Is not an arbitrary tool without checks and balances
  • ·         Subjects the City Attorney’s office to a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard to serve injunction notice
  • ·         Incudes a low-level option to deal with non-violent offenders
  • ·         Includes an exit/removal option
  • ·         Is independent of “Cal  Gangs” a statewide data base

Opposition is largely based on misinformation and reliant on outside groups.  Given the above and the limited police resources available to combat the criminal gang activity that plagues our communities, the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch overwhelmingly supports the injunction and encourages other communities to do the same.   We thank the City Attorney’s office for their attendance and look forward to working closely to see this injunction a reality.

  • LAPD Report- SLO Gina Chovan

Thanked those in attendance and expressed support for the gang injunction.  She invited residents to report criminal activity.

  • ·         Mitch O’ Farrell Report- LA-CD13– (Delivered by Councilmember O’Farrell)


Mitch thanked those in attendance for the privilege and honor to serve the EV community from his position of elected office.   He communicated his commitment to “quality of life” driven issues.  Mitch spoke to the issue of the tanker fuel spill of a few weeks ago, thanked first responders and committed to the following:

    • A traffic management plan that reduces area cut-through traffic
    • Adds traffic controls (i.e., traffic lights, stop signs, speed humps etc.)
    • An Elysian Valley monument branding the community on Riverside Dr. at or near Gilroy St.
    • Having phase III street lighting option in front of residents by early 2014
    • Committed to ensuring that the LA River pedestrian use of the path is preserved
    • Look for creative ways to attend tree & sidewalk maintenance

–          Some in attendance suggested outright removal of the aging root invasive/destructive trees and replacing them with low maintenance street friendly trees as is being done elsewhere.  Others too suggested a neighborhood collective that takes on the maintenance that the City cannot provide.

Following is the written response to other pressing area issues offered by CD-13 area Field Deputy (Adam Bass):

Issue:  Blake Ave. traffic stop signs update

Status:  Department of Engineering report dated 7/31/13 states, “That stop signs…be authorized to control east and westbound traffic on Shoredale Avenue and Blake Avenue, thereby creating an all-way stop sign controlled intersection.”

Issue:  Gilroy and Ripple stop signs

Status:  Department of Transportation has logged a request from CD13 to study traffic patterns at this intersection to determine eligibility for stop signs.

Issue:  Dallas Street pedestrian entrance to river path

Status:  Visited the site and documented improvement issue.

Issue:  LA River Path Lights

Status:  Several repair inquiries have been made, but lights are still reported out by neighbors, but “working” by the Bureau of Street Lights.  I visited the site on Monday, 12 August and documented first-hand the problem, and have requested a report on a permanent solution from the Bureau.  Awaiting response.

  • Misc. Issues:


    • Metrolink Taylor Yard

The Health Risk Assessment study has bee approved and is pending agreement by all concerned parties, on contracting party, scope of work etc.

    • LA-River recreation zone-/Free Kayaking offered by the MRCA & LA River Kayak Safari-visit lariverkayaksafari.org for more information


    • Frogtown Artwalk

September 28, 2013 from 4-10 pm

    • Community Gardens

The Elysian Valley Community Garden on Rich/Blake St. is offering free Yoga classes this Sat.  8/17/13 @ 8:30 AM.

    • EV Safety Survey Results:

1.      How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?

  • ·         59% report feeling “somewhat safe” while 36% report feeling very safe

2.      Do you feel you live in a high, average or low crime neighborhood?

  • ·         59% feel that they live in an average crime area while 27% feel that they live in a low crime area

3.      Do you support the use of surveillance cameras to help stop graffiti, illegal dumping and other criminal activity?

  • ·         91% support the use of surveillance cameras

4.      Are you satisfied with police patrol and response in your area?

  • ·         27% report being satisfied while 45% report being somewhat satisfied & 28% not being satisfied

5.      Are you in favor of having medical marijuana shops in your area?

  • ·         68% do not support, 18% somewhat support & 14% support

6.      How affected are you by any of the following issues in your neighborhood?

  • ·         Graffiti                    91% report being somewhat to very affected
  • ·         Gangs                     80% report being somewhat to very affected
  • ·         Traffic                    95% report being somewhat to very affected
  • ·         Environmental         77% report being somewhat to very affected

7.      What are the three (3) biggest problems in your neighborhood?

  • ·         Graffiti
  • ·         Lack of Services
  • ·         Traffic Control
    • Emergency Preparedness Information (Bob Berg)

Bob promoted a volunteer opportunity with the “Mayor’s Crisis Response Team”, which seekspeople willing to provide support and resources during times of crisis.  For more information visit http://tinyurl.com/LACRT-Fall2013 and see attached.

    • Surveillance Camera Update

Proposal to use available funds to install cameras in key residential locations

    • Tanker Fire status report (2/5Fwy )

Freeway upkeep underway

    • Beautification/Clean-up Day update (Jed Donaldson)

Jed thanks those who participated in the successful clean-up as well as CD-13 office for facilitating a dumpster.  The next clean-up will be Sept. 21st.

    • City Wide Resource  Guide
  • ·         Councilman Mitch O’Farrell
  • ·         Los Angeles City Council, District 13
  • ·         councilmember.ofarrell@lacity.org
  • ·         City Hall
  • ·         213-473-7013
  • ·         Adam G. Bass
  • ·         Elysian Valley Field Deputy
  • ·         District Office
  • ·         5500 Hollywood Blvd.
  • ·         Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • ·         213.258.0391 – cell
  • ·         323.957.4500 – office
  • ·         adam.bass@lacity.org
  • ·         Councilman Mitch O’Farrell
  • ·         Los Angeles City Council, District 13
  • ·
  • ·         Capt. Jeffrey Bert – 33112@lapd.lacity.org – Northeast Police Dept. (San Fernando Rd.)
  • ·         323.344.5708
  • ·
  • ·         911 – All Emergencies
  • ·         213.793.0760 – 30347@lapd.lacity.org – SLO  Gina Chovan
  • ·         323..344.5754 or 323.344.5726 – Gang Unit
  • ·         323.344.5739 – Vice Unit
  • ·         213.847.9722 – Narcotics Unit
  • ·         323.344.5712 – Community Relations
  • ·          
  • ·         GRAFFITI ISSUES:
  • ·
  • ·         Ofcr M. Beall #32430 and Ofcr E. Martinez #38054
  • ·         Northeast Area Patrol
  • ·         32430@lapd.lacity.org
  • ·         38054@lapd.lacity.org
  • ·         Graffiti can also be reported via web address http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm.  You may also call 311 for graffiti, abandoned vehicles, trash and other services
  • ·         Resident wishing to report Parking Violations can do so at (213) 485-4184 (24 hrs).  If you do not get a response, contact (323) 224-6565 (M-F 8:4:30 PM) and request to speak with a sergeant or lieutenant.
  • ·         California State Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez
  • ·          (Ms. Stephanie Wong-Field Rep.-51st District)
  • ·         District Office:  1910 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 810, LA, CA 90026 (213)483-5151, -5166/fax
  • ·         Capitol Office: P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0051 (916) 319-2051, -2151/fax
  • ·         the Assemblymember is commitment to work with EV residents to identify their needs and assist in areas including but not limited to education, healthcare, environment, technology.
  • ·         The City automated permit process can be found @:  http://bsspermits.lacity.org/
    • Graffiti & Bulky Item abatement

Jed recommend use of MyLA311 AP to all with “smart phones” for reporting

    • Academic Scholarships

The BEMA scholarship application deadline is 8/29/30.  The application can be found on the EVNW website.  Please too look at Ascending Lights Leadership Network (www.ascendinglights.org) for local scholarship opportunities

    • Employment opportunities

Let us know if you’re hiring and we will promote said opportunities.

    • Health Fair @ Dodger Stadium
  • ·         Please join Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez and
  • ·         SEIU United Long Term Care Workers
  • ·         at a Fresh Start Health Fair
  • ·
  • ·         Saturday, August 17, 2013 
    12 Noon – 5 p.m.
  • ·         Dodger Stadium
    1000 Elysian Park Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA
  • ·         The fair is a great opportunity to visit and discuss state and legislative issues that affect the community. There will be family fun activities including free haircuts for kids (first come, first served), dental check-ups, immunizations, diabetes check-ups and screenings for women.
  • ·         Book bags will be distributed while supplies last. For more information, please call (213) 483-5151.
    • Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council

The EVRNC will hold it’s monthly Board Meeting tomorrow (Thursday).  There will be a number of topics and items discussed.  Highlighting the meeting will be:

  • Update on the LA River Rec Zone, including news on any environmental impact.
  • Reports from committees, including the new Ad Hoc Traffic Committee.
  • Discussion of upcoming events related to community outreach and Elysian Valley improvement.
  • Discussion of who can be considered a “factual basis stakeholder.”

The Board Meeting will be held at Dorris Place Elementary School, on Thursday, August 15 at 6:00 p.m.  All are welcome.  Community participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you for your much appreciated attendance and for your role in improving Elysian Valley.  Remember to report all criminal activity as no report=No crime, which in turn equals no LAPD resources to EV.