Turn your Iphone into a Stun Gun


The #1 target of thieves has become your cell phone. Today’s phones are hot because of both their intrinsic value and the sensitive financial info on them.

We’re at a point today where 50% of all face-to-face crime around the nation involves stealing your cell phone. In New York City,  theft of iPads and iPhones represent 1 out of every 7 crimes.

But cell phone theft accounts for 1 in 3 robberies even in an auto-dependent city like Los Angeles. Criminals are smashing car windows there to grab smart phones.

You don’t want to fall victim and face physical harm from a bad guy looking for your phone. So I want to tell you about a product called the Yellow Jacket case. It’s a wrap for iPhones developed by a former Army soldier who was robbed at gunpoint for his iPhone. http://www.yellowjacketcase.com/

The Yellow Jacket case houses a 650k volt stun gun and is capable of charging your phone battery. The case is available in pink, yellow, black, and white.

The price to protect yourself? Just $139. That’s much cheaper than the Taser I use for personal protection.

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