Thank You – EV Beautification Day #2 – June 22, 2013


The neighborhood clean-up titled “EV Beautification Day” on June 22, 2013 was another success.  It was a sunny day and a bit warm but everyone worked hard to clean up the neighborhood. This time the dumpster was delivered on Friday night and was then picked up the following Thursday.  The sequence below was captured by Bob Berg on the day the dumpster was picked up.  Thanks Bob for providing great pictures of the event.


Thank You Oliver and Alejandra for providing the dumpster and coordinating the drop-off and pick-up. The dumpster was around for a bit longer than last time so it was extremely full when the city loaded it onto the truck.  The neighbors that attended the clean up worked hard to drive around Elysian Valley and picked up large items as well as fill trash bags of small items that were polluting the sidewalks and parkways. The next Beautification Day will be timed with the artwalk so please consider joining in on the fun and help prepare the neighborhood for the Artwalk.

The Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch would like to thank the following stewards of Elysian Valley for participating:

Bob Berg

Cynthia Hubach

Esther Kim

Alex Solis

Kristin Byrd

Jed Donaldson

Lali Singh

Anne Marie Grewal

Cladio Valdez

Leonard Gomez