LA River Kayak Safari

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

You have probably by now seen the amazing images of people enjoying the newly opened LA River Recreation Zone in Elysian Valley. Not in my wildest of dreams did I imagine this possible in our community nor myself venturing into the water-as will be the case this coming Saturday. With this communication, I am delighted to promote using LA River Kayak Safari ( as your go to source for experiencing the LA River recreation zone this summer. This group is headed by Steve Appleton and Grove Pashley both Elysian Valley neighbors and active Neighborhood Council representatives. Steve is our current NC President and Grove is an active board member. You also know Grove from his active involvement in leading the effort to clean the Metrolink Tayloryard maintenance facility across the River.

LA River Kayak Safari has employed one of our local kids for this summer program and so far has had a majority of their kayak trips with locals on board at no cost. Without question their heart is in the right place and with Elysian Valley’s best interest in place. So, I humbly request your support of our neighbors and the many businesses that make Elysian Valley home. We are all working to attract new businesses to serve EV and can think of no better means of doing so than to play a part (no matter how small) in seeing local efforts succeed. See you on the River!

David De La Torre