Neighborhood Watch News


I wanted to update folks on an assault that occurred at the LA River and Duvall street on Thursday, May 16th, at approximately 11pm, between a bicyclist and a gang member with a skateboard. Well the great news is that two individuals were arrested for that assault on May 22nd, by Northeast gang unit. The property that was taken was recovered at suspects home.

For the past several months there have been added LA River patrols due to community complaints of individuals drinking alcoholic beverages and using narcotics along the small pocket parks on the river. But due to this incident and Captain Bert true to his word, he has implemented additional police resources to the river for the continued enjoyment and safety of all folks using the river.

I also wanted to mention that our records do not reflect an increase of crime or violent crime on the river, nor are visitors arbitrarly being assaulted by gang members either.
However, if you are a victim of a crime it is necessary that you notify the police department immediately. There were many rumors generated by this incident, and if you need to know further, you are welcome to contact me, Officer Chovan at (213) 793-0760, or email me at

For the Elysian Valley community, there was a burglary that occurred on Dallas Ave, on May 21st., at approximatly 3pm. Northeast Detectives received some good leads on the possible suspects and will follow up. In this burglary suspects were able to enter through an open side window.

In the meantime, please harden the target on burglary suspects. Lock and secure your homes, turn surveillance and security systems, cut down large amounts of brush, reward your dogs (Fido), for barking at unusual activity, and keep a good relationship with your neighbors and lookout for one another. Please report unsual activity to the police by dailing (1-877) ASK-LAPD, or call 9-1-1 for emergencies.


Thank you,

SLO Chovan

See bold text above: Please report crime. If you are a victim of crime please tell the police so the city resources can be allocated to our neighborhood and therefore help with solving and preventing crime. Please secure your property when you are not home.