EVNW Meeting Minutes – May 8, 2013


Dear Neighbors and Area Stakeholders:

Please find the below meeting minutes from the Neighborhood Watch meeting.


  • City Attorney Carmen A. Trutanich (meet & greet/Q&A)

Carmen, spoke to the role of the City Attorney as it relates to litigation and prosecution of criminals as well as defending the City when sued.  He made mention of the ills that have plagued the city as a result of the AB-109 Prison Realignment bill that took effect in 2011.  This bill has precluded felony sentencing by judges and resulted in 15K prisoners released with little to no time served.  Much of the criminal activity experienced City wide stems from these criminals being out.

The City Attorney made reference to automated graffiti tracking software being available and utilized to identify vandalism and prosecute this crime.  There is a close working relationship between the City Attorneys office and LAPD to assist EV curtail the graffiti plaguing out community (including but not limited to gang injunction measures that have proven effective in other communities).   The City Attorney also made reference to the power of his office to assist with land-use area issues.

Carmen spoke to the issue of “medicinal marijuana” and the problems that this wave of unregulated organized criminal activity has been for the entire City.  He wrote measure D which limits dispensaries to 135 City wide and places great restrictions and controls if approved by the voters this coming May 21st election. He urged attendees to vote for this measure ahead of E & F-which are written by the marijuana special interest groups. 

Carmen has a family legacy of legal service, has prosecuted/defended countless cases, balanced his budget all four years and made clear his love for what he does and desires to continue to represent the City if favored with re-election.

The NW on behalf of the entire Elysian Valley community thanks the good City Attorney for having taken time from his busy schedule to meet with us. 

  • Meet & greet our New Police Capt. Jeff Bert

Capt. Bert spoke to the area crime report which reflects a 25% spike in property crimes and an overall spike of 16% over all crimes.  Most troubling is the spike in home burglaries and vehicle related thefts. To this the good Capt. made clear that he will make “cleaning up and arresting the perpetrators a top priority for [his] command.”  Regarding vehicle break-ins, we were informed that only 3% of vehicle break-ins result in some form of Police apprehension.  Capt. Bert offered the advice to “lock-it, hide-it, and keep-it”.  Jeff Invited EV residents to use common sense and to not leave vehicles unlocked and valuables in plain sight (i.e., phones, laptops, gym bag, etc.).  .  Capt. Bert communicated the need to be “good neighbors” to each other and to not hesitate to call 911 to report any suspicious activity as no one knows the neighborhood better than those that live here and can best identify what does not fit or seems out of place.  Capt. Bert made clear that he is a well paid public servant who loves what he does and knew from age five (5) that he wanted to be a police officer.  He reassured the community that he and his entire staff are resolved to assist EV attain greater safety and security.

Residents requested increased patrol on the LA-River (including pedestrian-bike path) and were promised same using the Bike patrol and area “sweeps”.

Capt. Bert introduced O. Beall and E. Martinez as the go to officers exclusively dedicated to assist with graffiti issues in the area.  O. Beall requested that we photograph images of graffiti where having identifying names, surnames, etc. as these will be entered into the aforementioned database for identification and prosecution.  O. Beall wants area graffiti pictures sent to her (ideally with address location) as well as any available video that people may have to help identify the perpetrators.  


Ofcr M. Beall #32430 and Ofcr E. Martinez #38054

Northeast Area Patrol



Graffiti can also be reported via web address http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm.  You may also call 311 for graffiti, abandoned vehicles, trash and other services

Resident wishing to report Parking Violations can do so at (213) 485-4184.  If you do not get a response, contact (323) 224-6565 (M-F 8:4:30 PM) and request to speak with a sergeant or lieutenant.

SLO Gina Chovan communicated that an arrest had been made regarding the Dallas St. burglary of a few weeks ago and detectives continue to work the Birkdale St. burglary.  Anyone with information is requested to contact LAPD.   Gina too reported the following “distraction burglary” of last week.

“There was a “Distraction Burglary” in the 2900 block of Rosanna St in the Elysian Valley area. A burglary suspect door knocked the home of a 75 year old women and told her that he needed to go into the back yard and tarp her roof because he was going to cute down the neighbors tree and he did not want to damage her ceiling. The victim agree took suspect to the back yard where victim was distracted with questions. The victim then observed that the suspect got on his cellur telephone, spoke in a different language, then told her that he would be right back with tarps. Suspect walked victim right back to the front and left. Victim walked into her bedroom observed that her jewelry box was opened and the jewelry missing. Her dresser were drawers ransacked and $4000 dollards worth of silver coins missing.”

We have requested a general description of the suspects and will communicate same to you as soon as it becomes available.

  • CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report  (Oliver Delgado)
    • Update on promise to address issue with DOT and secure “speed Tubes” to record vehicle speed and build a case for the requested corrective measures.
    • Update on past Request for speed bumps on Newell St.
    • Update on final approval for stop sign on intersection of Shoredaleknox and Blake Ave.  as reported by Sally.
    • LA River recreational zone update
    • Update on handful of LA-River lights still not working “allegedly” due to pending part on back order. 
    • Update on pedestrian access improvement project request at Dallas St.
    • Update on Meadowvale light installation

Oliver did not show! 

Our neighbor A. Andersson reported that the stop signs for Shoredale and Knox on Blake Ave. will be installed soon per communication from Sally Martinez.  Regarding inquiries on the street lights on going installation onMeadowvale St., this is work completion undertaken by DWP stemming from the last phase of approved lighting left incomplete by the City hired contractor-work having stopped at Riverdale Ave.

  • Portable Video Surveillance Update (Allen Andersson)

Allen reports testing to be complete and camera ready for field surveillance.  The camera has email capacity and will be programmed to send images to SLO G. Chovan and  O. Beall to assist their policing efforts.  We will target graffiti known areas and illegal dumping and welcome your suggestions for target locations.  Thanks to the many sponsors who have made the purchase of this camera possible.   

  • Area Emergency Plan (Bob Berg)
    • June 12, 2013 has been set aside for this survival training in place of he NW meeting 

This survey is designed to help identify the primary public health and safety issues affecting the Elysian Valley community and to support efforts by the neighborhood watch, LAPD and City council office CD-13 to provide more effective crime prevention and public safety services to area residents and stakeholders. Your completion of this survey will help identify the most pressing problems to be addressed.

Thank you for choosing to let your voice and opinion be heard via this survey and for your part in making Elysian Valley an even safer and better place to live, work and play.    

  • CD-13 Candidate Election
    • The Neighborhood Council (EVRNC) is hosting a CD-13 Candidate Forum (Mith O’Farrel & John Choi).  This is the last chance to hear the candidates in person before the May 21st election.  It will be nextTuesday May 14, 2013 5/14 at the Dorris Place Elementary School Auditorium-2225 Dorris Place, Los Angeles, CA 90031from 6:30 to 8:00.
    • May 21st run-off election between Candidate Mitch O’Farrell and John Choi to replace outgoing Councilmember E. Garcetti.  Mitch  is  endorsed by the Neighborhood Watch.
    • Three marijuana ballot measures (D, E & F)- All three opposed by the NWbut if voting for one suggest following the advice of our City Attorney and choosing Measure D.  The California’s high court upheld city bans of pot stores this week and the NW supports an all out band of such stores in Elysian Valley.
  • Mayoral Race runoff  between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Gruel.  Eric is endorsed by the Neighborhood Watch
  • Update on Congressman Adam Schiff ‘s visit of  (4/20/13) to  Elysian Valley

Adam Schiff’s visit to Elysian Valley was well attended and he reiterated his support for a “health risk assessment study” at the Metrolink railyard facility.  He expressed equal frustration with the stonewalling that the Metrolink leadership has subjected his office to and reiterated that he was ready to step up pressure.  The Elysian Valley community thanks the good Congressman for his attendance and attention to this and other important issues for our community.

  • Update Next Beautification/Clean-up Day (Jed Donaldson)
    • EV Beautification Day- 6/22/13-stay tuned for location and times to be announced in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your much appreciated attendance.   Remember to report all criminal activity as no report=No crime, which in turn equals no LAPD resources to EV.