EVNW Agenda – May 8, 2013

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

Please find the below Agenda for our Neighborhood Watch meeting Wednesday May 8, 2013.  We will be honored with the presence of current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.  It is our sincere hope to continue bringing key City representatives to EV and build working relations for the benefit of our community. Please plan to attend.  We have a lot to share with you and encourage you to invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Wednesday May 8, 2013

TIME/HORA:      7:00 P.M.



1918 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039


  • City Attorney Carmen A. Trutanich (meet & greet/Q&A)
  • Neighborhood Crime Report (O. Gina Chovan)
    • Graffiti spike
    • House burglary spike
    • Vehicle catalytic converter theft
    • Public loitering, drinking, drug use (including LA River)
    • Disturbing the peace/quality of life issues
    • Police Patrol & enforcement (including LA River)
    • Q&A
  • CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report  (Oliver Delgado)
    • Update on promise to address issue with DOT and secure “speed Tubes” to record vehicle speed and build a case for the requested corrective measures.
    • Update on past Request for speed bumps on Newell St.
    • Update on final approval for stop sign on intersection of Shoredale and Blake Ave. – as reported by Sally.
    • LA River recreational zone update
    • Update on handful of LA-River lights still not working “allegedly” due to pending part on back order. 
    • Update on pedestrian access improvement project request at Dallas St.
    • Update on Meadowvale light installation
  • Portable Video Surveillance Update (Allen Andersson)
    • Testing results
  • Area Emergency Plan (Moved to June 12, 2013-Bob Berg)
    • On site and On-line-status
  • CD-13 Candidate Election
    • May 21st run-off election between Candidate Mitch O’Farrell and John Choi to replace outgoing Councilmember E. Garcetti.  Mitch  is  endorsed by the Neighborhood Watch.
    • Three marijuana ballot measures (D, E & F)- All three opposed by the NW
  • Mayoral Race runoff  between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Gruel.  Eric is endorsed by the Neighborhood Watch
  • Update on Congressman Adam Schiff ‘s visit of  (4/20/13) to  Elysian Valley
  • Update Next Beautification/Clean-up Day (Jed Donaldson)
    • EV Beautification Day- 6/22/13
  • Misc.  Issues (i.e., Metrolink, community gardens, neighborhood council, hero highlight, where’s Oliver, et. al)
    • Q & A

Thank you in advance for your much anticipated attendance.   Remember to report all criminal activity as no report=No crime, which in turn equals no LAPD resources to EV.

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  1. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich does not believe people have the right to peace and quiet in their homes. He refuses to change a noise law that discriminates. He puts “churches” above the law.

    And, the audience was laughing at a serious issues that needs to be addressed. Shame on them.

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