Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2013

Dear Neighbors and Area Stakeholders:

Please find the meeting minutes from our (April 10, 2013) Neighborhood Watch Meeting.


Neighborhood Crime Report (O. Gina Chovan)

Unable to attend but delivered the following updates via telephone.

New Capt. & contact Information

Capt. Jeffrey Bert –

A house was broken into at the 2300 block of Birkdale St.  The perpetrators gained access via an open window at approximately 1:30 PM in broad daylight.  The police report having an eye witness and video from installed cameras at the affected property.  Attendees were reminded to stay aware and report any suspicious activity to 911.  Attention was drawn to the “nock-nock” tactic being used by criminals.  They knock on doors to determine if anyone is present and if not then proceed to enter the property.

Graffiti spike (including anti police tagging)

LAPD is aware and has engaged the gang unit’s assistance

Call 311 for graffiti, abandoned vehicles, trash and other services

Need to report crime and issues directly to LAPD

Officer Chovan reminds all to report crime directly to LAPD her and/or the Northeast office

911 – All Emergencies

213.793.0760 – – SLO Chovan

323..344.5754 or 323.344.5726 – Gang Unit

323.344.5739 – Vice Unit

213.847.9722 – Narcotics Unit

323.344.5712 – Community Relations

All were reminded to note the name of the attending officer when filing a report in person or when contacting police via telephone and to report any poor service to O. Chovan.  All were too reminded that when reporting criminal activity, one has the right to do so anonymously.  Additionally, all were  reminded that they can request a call back from the attending officer to let you know the outcome of their response to the reported crime.

Update online police report filing

Online filing has been approved by City Council and LAPD actively moving to make this option available ASAP.

CD-13 Council Eric Garcetti Report  (Oliver Delgado)

Unable to attend but offered the following report via email:

Update River clean-up (4/14/2013)

Update on promise to address issue with DOT and secure “speed Tubes” to record vehicle speed on Blake Ave. and build a case for the requested corrective measures.   Oliver reported working with DOT and hoping to have something back to the community soon.  Officer Chovan reports active LAPD speed enforcement on Blake Ave.

Update on past Request for speed bumps on Newell St.

Update on past request for stop sign on intersection of Shoredale and Blake Ave.

LA River recreational zone update

Update on handful of LA-River lights still not working “allegedly” due to pending part on back order.

Update on pedestrian access improvement project request at Dallas St.

The NW will continue to press attention to all of the above pending issues with council office.

Portable Video Surveillance Update (Allen Anderson)

Testing results/Ready Status

Allen spoke of having attained good daylight test results thus far and being confident that the camera will serve the intended purpose well.  He will test the camera’s night capabilities and report back in the coming days.   We anticipated employing use of the camera soon after.

Area Emergency Plan (May 8, 2013-Bob Berg)

Bob was not in attendance but the workshop remains on schedule pending last minute changes.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (confirmed scheduled attendance)


On site and On-line

This survey is designed to help identify the primary public health and safety issues affecting the Elysian Valley community and to support efforts by the neighborhood watch, LAPD and City council office CD-13 to provide more effective crime prevention and public safety services to area residents and stakeholders. Your completion of this survey will help identify the most pressing problems to be addressed (see attached).  Please take time to fill and return to the NW at one of our future meetings or it can be emailed back to

CD-13 Candidate Election-Update

May 21st run-off election between Candidate Mitch O’Farrell and John Choi to replace outgoing Councilmember E. Garcetti.  Mitch is endorsed by the Neighborhood Watch.   The NW reiterated the experience qualification for supporting Mitch.

Mayoral Race runoff  between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Gruel

The Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch endorses Eric for Mayor.  Eric has a deep understanding of the City needs and knows how to bring about tangible results.  His work in Elysian Valley during his soon to end 12 year tenure as Councilmember for CD-13 resulted in noticeable area improvement.  He is the only candidate both experienced and prepared to lead from Day One and for this reason has earned the endorsement of the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch.

Congressman Adam Schiff to visit Elysian Valley

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time: 12:30 p.m. — 2:00 p.m.

Location: Dorris Place Elementary School

2225 Dorris Place, Los Angeles, CA 90031

All are invited to attend the above scheduled meeting and were reminded of the Congressman’s open call for a “health risk” assessment at the Metrolink Railyard facility across the River.

Next Beautification/Clean-up Day (Jed Donaldson)

EV Beautification Day- 6/22/13 – stay tuned for time and hours.

Jardin Del Rio Community Garden “Car  Wash” fundraiser-May 4, 2013 (9-3 pm) –see attached!

Misc.  Issues (i.e., Metrolink, community gardens, neighborhood council, et. al)

The Neighborhood Council Meetings previously held at the EV Rec. Center have moved to Dorris Pl Elementary School- 2225 Dorris Place, Los Angeles, CA 90031.  The meeting date and time remains the same (every 3rd Thursday of the Month from 6-8 PM).  All are encouraged to attend.

Karin of FOLAR invited attendees to participate in the upcoming LA River Clean-up this May 18, 2013 from 9-noon.   Service hours are available for student in need of meeting this school requirement.

LA City Council APPROVES Summer 2013 LA River Recreational Zone Plan for Glendale Narrows.  The dates will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day from sunrise to sunset. The boundaries will be south of Fletcher Drive from Rattlesnake Park to Egret Park.  MRCA Rangers will patrol the recreation zone.  LAPD and LAFD will still retain jurisdiction as well.  Kayakers may run north to south with personal crafts.  Inflatables will not be allowed.  Fishing will be allowed with a DFW permit. For more information visit

Grove reports that Metrolink action will resume following May 21st election.

Steve Appleton introduced  “PLUNGE into the waters of the LA River” –a  $100,000 art/swimming pool project alongside the LA River.  Residents were invited to visit >>> for more information and to vote in favor of funding the project-ahead of other competing projects.

Residents were informed of the benefit of having their medical prescriptions filled at the Costco pharmacy.  Considerable savings can be realized when filling generic prescriptions at Costco (i.e., $10 generic at Costco is costing $100-200 at outside pharmacies).  The good news is that no Costco membership is required for pharmacy services.

Thank you to the many participants in attendance.   Remember to report all criminal activity to 911 as no report=No crime, which in turn equals no LAPD resources to EV.