Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2013

Dear Neighbor and Area Stakeholder:

 Please find the below agenda minutes from our meeting of Wednesday March 13, 2012


  • Neighborhood Crime Report  (O. Gina Chovan) 

O. Chovan reported that Capt. Murphy has been promoted and North East has a new leader (Capt. Burj)-his contact information to be made available in the coming days. 

  • Marijuana Dispensary On Eads St.-Update

Officer Chovan reconfirmed the closure of the illegal Marijuana business on Eads St.  She made mention that this same group had been ousted from Eagle Rock and credited the community for its assistance and quick collaborative action.  The NW too thanked those who brought this to the attention of the NW and who assisted in seeing it closed (i.e., business community, residents, CD-13 office and LAPD).  All were reminded to remain vigilant and report all suspicious activity.

  • Portable Video Surveillance Option-Revisited

The purchase of a trial camera was proposed and information passed to Surveillance committee member for their review and approval.  Those in attendance overwhelmingly favor having this camera in place ASAP.

  • Vehicle Vandalism on Riverdale Ave.

Vehicle vandalism and theft continues to plague Elysian Valley.  The latest incident having been reported on Riverdale Ave.  All were reminded to not leave valuable in plain view and to be alert for any suspicious activity.  O. Chovan confirmed that the victim in this case has already filed a police report.  Attendees were reminded that no report = no crime, which in turn equals no police resources to the area. The vehicle anti-theft club remains available at the North-East station for $12.

  • LA River loitering enforcement (public drinking, pot smoking, graffiti)

O. Chovan confirmed that she has requested added police patrol of the LA River following countless complaints from residents concerning loitering, public drinking, pot smoking and graffiti.  She reported police activity resulting in one (1) arrest illegal possession of a gun, three (3) cited for public drinking and one of the three arrested for violating parole.  O. Chovan communicated that EV will have a steady presence of the LAPD bike patrol.  

  • CD-13 Eric Garcetti Report (Oliver Delgado)

Oliver announced the upcoming River clean-up (4/14/2013) from 8-3 PM with a large volunteer group from Paramount Pictures.  A flyer with more details will be made available soon and all are encourage participating.

  • Request for Speed Bumps, Stop Signs on Blake Ave. to control excessive/dangerous

Oliver promised to address this matter with DOT and secure “speed Tubes” to record vehicle speed and build a case for the requested corrective measures.

  • LA River Lights Failure-Update

98% of the LA River Pedestrian/Bike path lights are operational with only a handful of light still not working.  Oliver confirmed that these lights are part of the fix that will come from a pending part on back order.  The NW thanked all who have assisted in correcting this problem and encouraged residents to continue to report problems as they arise.   

Oliver informed attendees that CD-13 has some funding available for any “ready projects” and requested we communicate with his office ahead of Council Member Garcetti’s departure-ASAP.  Vote Garcetti for Mayor!

  • CD-13 Candidate Election-Update

Residents were reminded of the upcoming run-off election between Candidate Mitch O’Farrell and John Choi.  Mitch was the vote winner this past March and is endorsed by the Neighborhood Watch.

  • Area Emergecy Plan (May 8, 2013-Bob Berg)

Attendees were reminded that the May 8th meeting will be exclusively dedicated to the Emergency Preparedness workshop.

  • Feb. 23, 2013 Planned Beautification/Clean-up Day-Summary Update

The Beautification/Clean-up was a big success and residents and CD-13 staff was thanked for their participation and assistance in securing an open to container that we filled to capacity in a span of three hours. Oliver praised EV for its proactive approach and wished that other communities would be as engaged.

  • Graffiti Abatement Plan (including neighborhood patrol) 

The NW alerted residents to the ongoing graffiti mess and requested that resident stay alert and report graffiti activity to Police, paying special attention to suspect description and vehicle license plates.  An alert business owner spotted the perpetrators who fled on an older model white compact sedan, probably of Japanese make with license plate: 5LWB(81), with the final two characters likely an 81.  One of the perpetrators was quite heavyset, shaved head, goatee and appearing to be in his mid 20’s.  Be on the look out for the above vehicle and suspect and please report it to 911, if spotted.  Ms. Patricia (attendee) suggested using the following website to help combat graffiti and suggestedputting a mural up across the street from Dorris Elementary. There are a lot of great artists in the neighborhood so I am sure it would not be hard to commission something.  Here’s the link:

  • LA River Temporary Signs (Mr. Louis Morales-NELARC)

Mr. Morales communicated last minute that he was unable to attend meeting.  We will reschedule if need be. 

  • Discussion about this years World naked Bike Ride (Michael)

Did not show but had communicated the following via email.


Although the ride will go on as planned and has been for the last few years. I definitely want to help the community understand the ride and do what I can to work with the community in a positive manner that is conducive to the well being of everyone and the safety of our riders.  I do have good news already that I feel you should be aware of as far as complaints made last year. We have had organizer communication it has been accepted that the particular route from last year through the residential neighborhood WILL NOT be used this year. It was a first time last minute route change, made at the request of the LAPD. Our riders had some bad experiences also and we will be going back to the original route plan from previous years.   

  • Misc. area issues (BEMA scholarship, Employment Opportunity, Dorris PLgarden

The 2013-2014 scholarship application to assist Latino/Latina student with college expenses is available on the NW website (  14 scholarships were awarded last year (7 to student in Mexico and 7 to U.S. students).  The scholarship is offered by the De La Torre family. 

Dorris Place Elementary is looking for community volunteers.  The long and short of it is that at the end of last week, Home Depot dropped in and offered us the deal of a lifetime.  They want to partner with us, revamp our entire school garden and they are asking only that we match them in manpower, hence the outcry for immediate volunteers. Contact Mrs.Blaire Lennane President/FounderPartners of Dorris, (POD)a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Dorris Place

LA County Supervisors have set a non-binding goal of having the The Storm Water/Runoff Property Tax measure ready for the ballot in 2014.

The Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council President (Steve Appleton) announced that there is a one spot vacancy on the boar and interested candidates are encouraged to apply by contacting Mr. Jeff  Klein’ at  Steve also announced that the EVRNC meetings will be relocating soon to the Dorris Place Elementary Auditorium.  For now the upcoming meeting of the 21st will still be held at the EV Rec. Center.  Stay tuned for more information on when this change will take place

Visit this site for information concerning proposed LA-River movie project:

The LA River Recreational Zone proposal will go to the City Council in the coming weeks. 

Elysian Valley is proud to announce its free public library compliments of Lali and Ann-Marie Isvinder.  It is located on Blake Ave. between Riverdale Ave. and Glover.  Simply take a book and leave a book of your choice-a wonderful idea to promote reading. 

NOMAD is making two spots available for free Printmaking Workshops to Elysian Valley residents!  Questions:

Where & When
1993 Blake Ave
Los Angeles, California 90039
Sat 11am/Sun 12:30pm

Thank you to the many attending our meeting and to the whole who assist in making our community safer.  Special recognition and thanks to Dickerson Employee Benefits for their generous hospitality.