EV Beautification Day – Thank You


The neighborhood clean-up titled “EV Beautification Day” on February 23, 2013 was a huge success.  The day was clear and the sky was beautiful. The dumpster was delivered Friday night and it was picked up Monday morning.  Thank You Sally and Oliver of CD13 for providing the dumpster and coordinating the drop-off and pick-up.  The very joyful crew from the neighborhood spent three hours picking up all the large items on the side of the road and sidewalks.  The joy on everyones face was infectious and the energy was high. These stewards of Elysian Valley made quick work of the bulky items and filled the dumpster to the top.  The Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch would like to thank all those that came out to help with the event.  These folks are exemplary citizens and enormously generous people.

The EVNW would like to THANK the following people for participating and devoting their resources to the event:
Jed Donaldson
Kristin Byrd
David De La Torre
Bob Berg
Janet Workman
Steve Appleton
Agneszka Pietruskiewicz
Cyndi Hubach
Grove Pashley
Chris Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez
Claudio Valdez
Andy Tinajero