Mitch O’Farrell for City Council, District 13 (including Elysian Valley)


The Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch (EVNW) endorses Mitch O’Farrell for city council, district 13.   The EVNW supports Mitch on account of experience, successful working history with Elysian Valley and the familiarity with the issues most concerning our community.  Until recently, Mitch worked (10-12 yrs) for CD-13 under Eric Garcetti, the current front runner for Mayor, making his election to city council a natural transition for CD-13.  Should both Eric and Mitch win the election this would be most beneficial to Elysian Valley.  Because of Mitch’s experience and commitment to CD-13 we are confident that Mitch will be ready on day one. Please join the EVNW in supporting Mitch O’Farrell for City Council.  Please follow the link below for more information on Mitch and how to contribute.


Dear Elysian Valley Stakeholder,

My name is Mitch O’Farrell, and I served L.A. City Council District 13 on behalf of Eric Garcetti over the last ten years. Now I’m running to succeed him as your L.A. City Councilmember. Although I reported directly to Eric, I’ve always known who my real boss is—you, the taxpayer.

Beginning in 2002 as Deputy to the Councilmember, I worked hard to deliver the resources and results you deserve. I led projects that created more parks, improved transportation, added more services for seniors, brought good-paying jobs, enhanced education, expanded recreational facilities, reduced crime ten years in a row, and got our streets and sidewalks repaired.

Now I want to continue this work for District 13.

I want to continue improving public safety, making our neighborhoodscleaner and greener, and making it easier for local businesses to prosper. I believe this is the right way to stimulate the economy, add more jobs, add more affordable housing—and improve the quality of life in our District.

Public service is in my blood—it’s what I know and love. I’m ready to be your tireless advocate at City Hall, to find creative ways to solve our toughest problems, and to make the City work for us.

I know District 13 better than anyone in this race. My roots run deep here, and my experience and knowledge of our neighborhoods are unmatched. For the last decade, I’ve spent most of my time working in the field, meeting you where you live and work—teaming up with you to solve the problems that matter to us. Along the way, I’ve made strong relationships with officials at all levels of government. I know how to get things done for you.

I’m the only candidate who’s fully prepared to step into the job of City Councilmember for District 13 on day one, because that’s where I’ve been for the past ten years. There’s a lot at stake here and experience matters—and I’d be honored to have your vote.

Please visit my Website to find out more. And please let me know what you think our District needs—because I can’t do it without you. Let’s work together to make great things happen in our wonderful District and in our City!



Mitch O’Farrell
Candidate, Los Angeles City Council, District 13