Share the Path – Jan 2013


In January 2013 the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch, Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council, Friends of the Los Angeles River and the LA County Bicycle Coalition sponsored an event along the Los Angeles Pedestrian Bike Path.  This event titled ‘Share the Path’ was an opportunity for the community to come together and educate themselves on proper path etiquette. 2013RIVERPOSTCARDThe section of the Path that parallels Elysian Valley opened to the public in 2010.  Prior to that time only the local residences of the neighborhood would utilize the uneven path along the LA river as an exercise venue.  The long time residences of the area see the path as an extension of their neighborhood and an enjoyable amenity for them to enjoy with family and friends.  For the duration of 2011 and 2012 the EVNW has been receiving news of bicyclist and pedestrians colliding and having many types of conflict along the path.  In 2011 CD-13, EVNC and the EVNW worked with local residences and designer Nate Schulman to produce a sign to alert everyone that they are entering Elysian Valley and to please share the path.  This sign was a good first step towards reinforcing the fact that this path is a shared use in Elysian Valley.  After several incidents in 2012 the EVNW hosted special meetings where CD-13 representatives,  local residences and local organizations brainstormed about how to resolve the current conflicts.  From those meetings there was a decision to put forth a tiered resolution process with the first item being educating those that are currently using the path.  The Share the Path event was just that. An attempt to approach the people using the path in a friendly, safe manner and inform them of proper path etiquette.  The structuring of the etiquette was closely formed with the LA Bike Coalition to ensure it was balanced towards the bicyclist and the pedestrian.  On the day of the event a tent was set up at Ripple Place where it intersects the LA river and everyone came together and witnessed a day in the life of a weekend exercise enthusiast in Elysian Valley.   Most of the people riding their bikes had come from neighborhoods outside of Elysian Valley.  It is our hopes that we were able to reach out and inform the visitors that the section of the Pedestrian bike Path that parallels the LA River, next to Elysian Valley, is a residential zone and should be trafficked with slow-moving, friendly bikes and courteous walkers.

201301snacksThe Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch provided Water, Coffee and Snacks at the event.  The coffee and pastries were necessary because we started setting up at 8am.  The Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council, CD-13 and LA County Bicycle Coalition also donated water to the event.  Local residences donated tents, chairs and tables to the event.

KIND Healthy Snacks donated KIND bars to the event.  The snack bars were handed out to the bicyclist and pedestrians that stopped by the tent.  The Kind bars were a nourishing treat for those that stopped.


Pedestrians and bicyclist were asked to sign a pledge to share the LA River Pedestrian Bike Path. Everyone seemed receptive to the pledge. Over the course of the day we received almost 160 signatures. Those signatures are captured below.

Share the Path Pledge – Pedestrians = 58 Signatures
Share the Path Pledge – Bicyclist = 100 signatures

The EVNW would like to thanks all those that donated their time, energy and resources to make this event possible.  This event is an example of how a community came together and made a difference.  Please stay in touch with the EVNW if you want to hear about related events in Elysian Valley.